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Youth-Led Sticker Shock Campaign Kick-Off
What: Community Youth Kick-Off “Think Twice or Pay the Price” Sticker Shock Campaign

When: Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 11:25 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Where: Frank Church High School Community Center, 8051 W. Salt Creek Ct., Boise, ID

Description: Youth from Frank Church High School will join community leaders to kick-off a youth-led alcohol prevention initiative. Students will participate in an activity to place stickers on the brown paper bags customers use to carry their purchases from local liquor stores. The “Think Twice or Pay the Price” stickers will stand out on the store bags, and provide a strong reminder: “If You Provide Alcohol to Minors, You Could Face up to $1,000 in Fines & Up to One Year in Jail.” 

This public awareness campaign will take place in liquor stores statewide beginning on November 23rd. The campaign is sponsored by The Office of Drug Policy, the Idaho Liquor Division, and 11th- and 12th-grade AVID students at Frank Church High School. 

This project is intended to bring attention to the issue of underage drinking and adults who provide alcohol to minors.The goal of the event is to send a strong, united message that our youth and area leaders are working together to create a safer, healthier community by addressing the problem of underage drinking.

Aislyn Yokom , a Frank Church High School AVID 12th grade student, who is helping lead the campaign said, “People don’t think about the effects alcohol has on kids’ brains. Alcohol stunts our mental progression. I have personal experience with a family member's past alcohol use. They started drinking in high school. It affected this family member's mental state and relationships - both romantic and family.”
"I have had students ,who are now proudly sober, tell me that they were first given alcohol as a young child by an adult they trusted. I believe some adults do not realize the impact this has on them and their decision to illegally drink," said Tara Haley , AVID teacher, Frank Church High School. "Adults also can face legal ramifications. I’m proud of my students for helping spread this important message."
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