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The Meadowlands Extends a WARM WELCOME 

Leading into a Legendary Winter!

Regional employees will be trained for outstanding hospitalit

during 2014 Super Bowl


October 9, 2013 (East Rutherford, NJ) - The Meadowlands Liberty Convention Visitors Bureau (CVB), a division of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber (MRC), has partnered with Bergen Community College to develoa customized training program entitled "Excellence in Visitor Experience."  "Our messagis clear, we wish a Warm Welcome to all guests," states Jim Kirkos, President and CEO, Meadowlands Regional Chamber (MRC).  The curriculum is designettrain and educate any and all employeewho come in contact with a visitor so we can provide outstanding hospitality and service tthe thousandof people traveling to our region throughout thweeothe Big Game.


"From the moment the NFL announced the 2014 Super Bowl (SB XLVIII) would be coming tthe Meadowlands Region, our organization crafted a strategilist of goals anobjectives foleveraging the Big Game.  One othe top initiatives was tfocuon a structured customer service training program that would provide a high-level of customer satisfaction and hospitality while hosting in and out-of-state visitors," states Jim Kirkos.


Training your staff now is more important than ever.  We want your team and our guests to leave with a memorable experience, learn about all the resources available in our Region, and have an experiential and rewarding time during their visit with us.  So be informed about whathe Meadowlands Liberty Region hatoffer and be a resource to neighboring guests to make their experience a positive one.  This Warm Welcome Training will brief your team on all elements pertaining to the Big Game including maintaining great customer service, solving problems, transportation resources and encouraging guests to patronize our businesses throughout the Meadowlands Region and in New Jersey.


We encourage you ttake advantagothiregion-wide training rollout.  For further information about the training program or schedule, please contact Ria Bloss at or call at 201-447-7466.  Program costs are affordable at $45.00/person to allow you to enrolfront-line employeethat will come in contact with the general public to participate.  Also inquire about instructors conducting a class at your workplace.  


A member who attended our pilot program recently stated; "The instructor was very energetic and had a lot of resourceful information about the Meadowlands Region; we had no idea they had so much to offer.Michael Good, Field Marketing Manager, ACE Houlihan's.


Please join the Meadowlands Regional Chamber anthe CVB - we are committed tmake the Meadowlands LibertRegion a first choice destination.  To be kept informed during the Big Game week, or to standout among the competition in your market and leave a lasting impression on our guests, please register at It'that easyRemember, New Jersey may be colin Februarbut we will guarantee a WarmWelcome!


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