October 16, 2017
Thank you for reading the first five parts of our series about planning and executing more engaging panel presentations. I hope you picked up a few useful ideas to help you improve your organization's events.

You may have noticed that the first five posts in this series focused on moderators.

But what if you're invited to be a panelist instead?

In this final post in our panel discussion series, you'll find nine tips that great panelists use to ensure they stand apart from their co-panelists.

As they say on the stage, break a leg!

Too often, media guests allow themselves to be led through interviews by reporters. The interviewee, eager to please the journalist and create a favorable impression, simply follows along as the journalist darts from topic to topic.

While that may sound like a logical way to proceed with an interview, the problem is that too many spokespersons never get the opportunity to say the things they most wanted the audience to know about their topic.

Good media guests don't expect or wait for the so-called "right" question to be asked before getting their messages across. They use a bridge to help them get from the reporter's question to their messages.

In this series from the archives, you'll learn how to use a media "bridge" to get from their questions to your answers in an authentic manner.
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