Media Relations Update

August 14, 2020
As the world faces a changing political, economic, and social landscape, ALZA Strategies is committed to keeping you in the loop on how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting public affairs. We hope you remain healthy and safe during these trying times.
Americans Who Rely on Social Media Political News are Less Knowledgeable
Americans consume news media on a variety of platforms to stay informed on politics. Social media is one of the primary platforms of media engagement, and many Americans receive the majority of their news updates on social media. A recent report by Pew Research Center finds that those who get their news this way are generally less knowledgeable about political issues.
According to the report, nearly one in five U.S. adults say they get their political news primarily from social mediaThose who rely on social media for political news tend to be younger and white, and often have lower levels of education than those that engage with other news platforms. They are less likely to closely follow major news stories like the COVID-19 crisis and the upcoming presidential election. 
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