January 25, 2024

Qualicum Beach Fire Rescue - New Green Fire Truck

Qualicum Beach Fire Rescue proudly announces the addition of Ladder 58, a groundbreaking apparatus that has been in active service for just a couple of weeks.

Ladder 58 is a valuable addition to our firefighting fleet, boasting features that set it apart from traditional firetrucks. It marks a significant advancement in our emergency response capabilities, specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of Qualicum Beach and its community.


One of the biggest stand-out elements of the L58 is that although it’s red, it’s also green! Equipped with eco-friendly idle mitigation technology, it automatically switches to battery power to run emergency lighting, heating, and air conditioning when not actively engaged in firefighting operations. This green initiative reduces fuel consumption, minimizes environmental noise, and extends the engine's lifespan.


Equipped with a platform at the end of the 100-foot ladder, it facilitates safer patient transfers to the ground and enables below-grade rescues. In addition, it offers exceptional horizontal reach, providing better access to buildings.


Although it was already a custom build, Town mechanics spent time mounting specific tools and equipment unique to the Town’s operations. Even our iconic fire bell has found its place on this remarkable apparatus.


Overall, this new Ladder 58 is a much more advanced piece of apparatus than its predecessor (now retired) that will empower more efficient and effective emergency responses in our community.


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Town of Qualicum Beach


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