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For Immediate Release - 25 November, 2011

No information, but plenty of bribes on vaccination


Today the Gillard Government has announced that it will penalise parents who have made a legal choice not to vaccinate their school-aged children.


Minister Roxon claims she is concerned about the increase of whooping cough. Further, she states that, "We know that immunisation is fundamental to a child's lifelong health and that's why we want to make sure that children are immunised at the right time."


The fact is that we already have the highest level of childhood vaccination we have ever had in Australia - over 95%. As a counterpoint to this increase in vaccination, we have seen a greater than 10,000% increase in the rate of whooping cough!


Last week, the ACT announced to sounds of joy, that they had the highest rate of vaccination in Australia. What they did NOT mention was the fact that reported cases of whooping cough were more than double that of most other states and territories and seven times that of Tasmania! These figures are from the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System. (Please see table at Whooping Cough Levels Australia-Wide)


There are a few issues that this government needs to address before they even consider bribing parents to vaccinate:


  1. Ask the question: why are these vaccines not working? Why have there been no independent studies comparing the health of the fully vaccinated vs the fully unvaccinated?
  2. Pass legislation ensuring that we have mandatory reporting of the vaccination status of those presenting with 'vaccine-preventable' diseases
  3. Ensuring that we have mandatory reporting of adverse reactions to all vaccines with independent follow-up of all serious reaction reports.

Only when this information is available will society start to realise the true efficacy and safety of these vaccines.



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