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Fields of Green Gold 2017
MFGA's Green Gold program seeks to find more fields for best alfalfa cut date
Winnipeg, Mb (April 24, 2017)--- Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA)'s Green Gold program is seeking more producer involvement to help maximize the long-standing program's benefits to producers. 
"We are looking for more alfalfa fields, especially in the Western, Central and Interlake areas of Manitoba," said Dave Koslowsky, MFGA chair. "That will help increase our wingspan across the province and help us to broadcast the best first cut for Manitoba's alfalfa growers as to when the relative feed value (RFV) is optimum for their crops." 
Now entering the 22nd year, MFGA's Green Gold program is led by MFGA hay and extension lead John McGregor who coordinates a team of producers and Manitoba Agriculture staff to submit twice-weekly clippings from fields in various regions of the province to be tested at Winnipeg's Central Testing Laboratories for RFV values. RFV is widely considered the best measurement for declaring the energy values that livestock will receive from the feed. The Green Gold program receives great support and uptake from producer members from the Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, Manitoba Beef Producers, Manitoba Sheep Association and individual producers. 
With more than two decades of delivery, the MFGA Green Gold program also refreshes wherever possible. Last year, MFGA added the birds-eye view of drones operated by program sponsor M3 Aerial who will return again this year offering Green Gold the rare co-relation optics of on-the-ground clips and drone-based infrared readings. Recently, MFGA also rolled the previously stand-alone corporate support of Green Gold into MFGA's core programs, a move widely applauded by supporters. 
This year, MFGA is looking at expanding the number of fields to better help forage producers identify the best cut date on their fields. Producers who want to sign up for the program are asked to please contact John McGregor, MFGA Extension Lead: or 204-396-9217.

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