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Hot topics at CFGA 2017 Conference include carbon policy
Speakers to tackle the role forages and grasslands can play in Canada's plan for a clean growth economy
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GUELPH, ONT. (Oct. 16, 2017) - One of the key topics of discussion at the 8th Annual CFGA Conference is carbon policy in Canada and the role forages and grasslands can play.
" Perennial forage crops contribute significant carbon sequestration benefits to Canadian society ," says CFGA executive director Cedric MacLeod. "They help reduce carbon because their root systems can store up to 2.7 times more carbon than annual crops, they sequester carbon deeper in the ground and, because less tilling is done on forage and grassland fields, slow the breakdown and release of carbon into the atmosphere.
"Because of the magic of forages, they make agriculture one of the only industries that can actually put valuable nutrients back into the ecosystem, so while livestock producers are often criticized for high greenhouse gas emissions, an effective forage management system can help offset emissions," MacLeod adds.
A full-day carbon sequestration technical expert committee meeting on Nov. 14 will kick-start the discussions. This meeting will bring together stakeholders and leading researchers from universities and Agriculture and Agri Food Canada to discuss and critique a literature review of existing quantification protocols and greenhouse gas mitigation research from across Canada and around the world. The goal is to avoid duplication of existing quantification protocols as well as to fill and improve on any gaps.
On Nov. 15, the morning line-up of speakers will address the subject head-on, including Karen Haugen-Kozyra with Viresco Solutions speaking on the role of forages in environmental and carbon policy, Lara Ellis with ALUS Canada speaking on Canadian grasslands and economic goods and services programs and Drew Black with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture speaking on carbon policy and carbon offset trading systems.
The 8th Annual CFGA Conference will be held Nov. 14 to 16 in Guelph, Ont. For more information, visit the conference website .
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