WE-SPARK Health Institute Publishes 2nd Annual Impact Report
Windsor-Essex research community is achieving more, together
WINDSOR, ON, August 30, 2021 - - WE-SPARK Health Institute has released its 2nd Annual Impact Report highlighting its accomplishments covering May 2020-April 2021.

WE-SPARK began its 2nd year with 146 members. Since then, its membership has grown 363% to 677.

Other highlights include:

·        facilitated $8,881,856 in external funding, an increase of 44%;
·        awarded over $340,000 to local research projects;
·        1,335 patients / participants involved in research; and
·        delivered 28 events with over 1,500 participants.

“WE-SPARK accelerates and strengthens collaborations, and provides tools and resources needed for health research across Windsor-Essex to excel” said Dr. Lisa Porter Executive Director. “Despite the challenges that the global pandemic placed on all of our members, with a particular strain on our hospital partners caring for those who fell ill during this difficult time, we are proud of how our region came together to move health research forward.”

WE-SPARK Health Institute is supported by Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, St. Clair College, the University of Windsor and Windsor Regional Hospital. It is directed by a Board of Trustees made up of its leaders President & CEO Janice Kaffer, President Patti France, President & Vice-Chancellor Robert Gordon and President & CEO David Musyj respectively.

Over the past year the healthcare needs for Windsor-Essex have been in the spotlight. With a cross-border community and large migrant worker population, the region faced unique challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic that emphasized the need for health research.

“The global response to the pandemic showed us, in real-time, how innovative solutions to health crises are driven—first and foremost–by research. We rely on best practices during uncertain times, and the backbone of scientific knowledge provides that mechanism to be a part of the solution. In pure Windsor-Essex fashion, during the toughest of times, our partnership with each other and our region has become stronger than ever.” – Board of Trustees.

Health research drives discoveries, provides solutions, supports health and wellness, improves health outcomes, and trains the next generation.

Media Contact:

Cathy Mombourquette
WE-SPARK Health Institute
About WE-SPARK Health Institute
WE-SPARK Health Institute is a research partnership between Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, St. Clair College, Windsor Regional Hospital and the University of Windsor that brings together health research strengths, expertise, and infrastructure from across the Windsor-Essex region. Its mission is to enhance the health, well-being and care of people through transformative research and knowledge translation.