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June/July 2019 J
Welcome to the Upper New York Media Resource Center
If you've never used the Media Resource Center before, I invite you to give us a try. Funded by your Shared Ministry dollars, we can supply you with small group discussion materials, Bible studies, children and youth curriculum, adult curriculum, and a myriad of subjects such as stewardship, evangelism, social issues and VBS materials, just to name a few. Our quick and easy online ordering is just a click away. You can add things to a "shopping cart", then once submitted, you'll receive an email with your invoice attached. We send your order through the USPS and we'll supply the mail back envelopes and label with instructions on mailing. Your only cost is the postage to return it. Please feel free to search our online catalog below.

If I can assist you in any way, please don't hesitate to give me a call at 315-898-2027 or email me at
A Reminder to all Pastors changing appointments

Please make sure that any resources you have signed out at your present appointment are cared for before you move at the end of this month. If your present church will still be using them, you may call or email the Resource Center to have them transferred to another name.

If you are planning to continue to use them over the summer at your new appointment, I need to know that too. This is the time of year when things can get misplaced in the moving process and I appreciate your help in keeping track of where our resources are.

Also, if your church has any red canvas mailing bags hanging around, please check inside to see if they have lost, overdue, or missing items inside. Our resources are clearly marked with an identifying sticker. I have over 72 orders missing and/or lost since 2016 that have yet to be returned or replaced. These resources are funded through your Ministry Share dollars and any that are not reimbursed or returned to us have to be repurchased or become unavailable for others to use. Thank you!
What's New
Christianity, Cults & Religions DVD Curriculum Kit
This study helps Christians know what they believe and why. By comparing Christianity with groups such as Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, people have a better grasp about what the Bible says about who Jesus is and the message of the Gospel. This six-session study simply explains the history, background, and beliefs of the most common world religions and cultic groups: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and other groups. It is perfect for small groups, Bible studies, adult Sunday school, college or high school ministry or for personal individual use.

1. Definitions, Discernment, and Defending the Faith
2. Essential Christian Doctrine
3. Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower Society)
4. Mormonism (Latter-day Saints)
5. Eastern Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, and New Age
6. Islam

Kit includes one DVD with six 15-to-20 minute video sessions, one participant guide, one leader guide, one Christianity, Cults & Religions pamphlet (fits in a Bible cover), one Christianity, Cults & Religions 112-page handbook comparing 40 religions, one CD-ROM with tips, and an optional PowerPoint® presentation to expand the scope of the teaching

Click here for preview. Go to our online catalog to order K301=, then choose the component(s) you wish to borrow to add to your shopping cart.
Pursuing God by Margaret Feinberg
Genesis and the Gospel of John are written to spark your desire to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. From the opening scene of God walking in the garden with humanity to Jesus hunched in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, this 12-week video Bible study will awaken you to the Lord’s beauty and love in a fresh and transformative way.

Sessions include:

  • Encountering God (16:00)
  • Call on the Name of the Lord (15:00)
  • The Pursuit, the Promise, and the Provision (12:00)
  • When Love Goes Right and When Love Goes Wrong (17:00)
  • It’s Not about You (21:00)
  • Finding God among Prisons and Palaces (19:00)
  • Encountering Jesus (18:00)
  • When God Sees through You (20:00)
  • Recognizing the Blind Spots (17:00)
  • When Worship Costs More than Expected (16:00)
  • Mistakes that Refine Instead of Define (13:00)
  • The Hope and Healing of Resurrection (15:00)

Designed for use with the Pursuing God Study Guide. Previously published as Pursuing God’s Love Participant’s Guide and Pursuing God’s Beauty Participant’s Guide.

Click here for preview. Go to our online catalog to order K302=, then choose the component(s) you wish to borrow to add to your shopping cart.
Youth ministry: What's gone wrong and how to get it right
The Youth Ministry movement has become a monument. Youth leaders are doing so much work, and it all seems worthy. It's big, important stuff. But leaders across the nation quietly suspect that the more we do, the less effective we seem to be in reaching young people. All those retreats and camps, books and seminars, conferences and leadership symposiums - what difference do they make in young lives today? As technology accelerates, spiritual apathy increases. Young people are biblically illiterate, bored, and find the church to be irrelevant. Parents are frustrated. Youth leaders are burned out. And high school and college students, if they ever attended, are leaving the church by the droves. What on earth has gone wrong? Youth Ministry shines a revealing light on standard youth ministry practices, and helps the reader to see what needs to change. The book is full of practical ideas that work in real churches, and includes voices from the trenches perspectives from current youth ministry leaders. Deep down inside, young people want life to matter. The church has something important to offer, but we have to start getting it right.
Go to our online catalog to order B1939. Book only.
Leading Samll Groups by Chris Surratt
Leading a small group can literally change the world. We have been commissioned to make disciples who make disciples, and Jesus showed us that the best way to carry that out is through small groups of believers. Just like the first-century church, small groups form the foundation to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Chris Surratt, Discipleship and Small Groups Specialist for LifeWay Christian Resources, and author of Small Groups for the Rest of Us, wants to help you get from here to there.

Regardless of whether you have never lead a small group or have been leading one for years, all of us want to know how to create environments where spiritual growth takes place and communities are changed. Leading Small Groups walks the reader through the stages of gathering, launching, leading, and multiplying a gospel-centered small group. There are also follow-up questions for discussion and reflection at the end of each section, and practical resources that can be implemented immediately by the small group leader.

Jesus left his followers with a task - the Great Commission. This book will help small group leaders and churches in their obedience to this task. Go to our online catalog to order B1940, Book only.
The Methodist Defense of Women in Ministry : A Documentary History
John Wesley promoted the ministry of women in early Methodism. Amazing women like Phoebe Palmer, Catherine Booth, and Frances Willard--founding figures in the holiness movement, the Salvation Army, and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union--claimed biblical precedent for their groundbreaking ministries. They withstood the onslaught of criticism and hostility from those who thought they had stepped out of their proper sphere. Methodists have championed the cause of women and developed biblical, spiritual, and practical arguments for their ministry for two and a half centuries. More than fifty documents from the history of Methodism chronicle the tortuous journey leading to biblical equality in this family of churches.

At a time when the ministry of women is under serious attack in a number of quarters, yet again, we all have much to learn from the witness of Wesleyan Christians who argued for women's ministry. This story illustrates how faithful women, when they knew they had the Lord's approval, stood "like the beaten anvil to the stroke." Courage. Defiance. Perseverance. Faithfulness. These qualities define the Methodist Defense of Women in Ministry. Book only. Go to our online catalog to order B1941.
Resource UMC
ResourceUMC is a new site rich with content from around The United Methodist Church - all to provide quick access to the information and inspiration local church and connectional leaders need to make effective disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
Click here to find practical and timely resources on specific topics such as worship, stewardship, mission, church administration, specialized ministries and much more. You will also find detailed information on each general agency and other denominational entities such as the Council of Bishops, connectional table, General Conference and the ethnic/language national plans. Whether you are looking for ideas for a children's ministry, launching a church website or want to learn about how we celebrate Holy Communion, we want to connect you with the best resources available.
ResourceUMC will continue to grow - it will never be finished! As you explore the site you may find some areas more filled out than others. Watch for more content and new topics in the coming weeks and months. New resources will be added constantly. You can help us fulfill our mission to resource leaders by telling us what would be helpful to you and sending suggestions. Share questions, critiques and ideas by emailing us at .
June/July dates to remember
June 5-8 - 10th Session of the Upper New York Annual Conference - Oncenter Syracuse
June 10 - Conference Office and Media Center closed (Monday after Annual Conference)
J une 10 (Week of) - Summer hours begin at Conference Office/Media Ctr (see hours above)
July 4 - Independence Day - Methodist Center and Media Resource Center closed
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