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Media Roast
With so much going on in China and in U.S.-China relations these days, it is hard to know where to begin or what to read. Instead of just summarizing what you have probably read about elsewhere, we make an effort to find articles and perspectives that you won’t see in English-language publications. This article is a good example.

We love the fact that there is accompanying audio and video that matches the text, as the text itself is quite dense (video link is half-hidden in author picture above text. Tracker-blocking extensions must be temporarily disabled in order for the video to appear on the page).

俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
shí yáng huà

Meaning: (Variant of 食古不化) Swallowing foreign ideas without digesting them; quoting foreign ideas in full without analyzing and comparing

Original: "在我们的经济学教学中,不能食洋不化,还是要讲马克思主义政治经济学,当代中国社会主义政治经济学要大讲特讲,不能被边缘化。"

Source: On August 15, Qiushi published a speech Xi Jinping gave about the Marxist political economy at the 28th Politburo study session on November 23, 2015: 不断开拓当代中国马克思主义政治经济学新境界
Free Seminar on China's Legal System
Jerome Cohen, Teng Biao, and Katherine Wilhelm will be hosting a 10-week seminar on China’s legal systems to include criminal justice, human rights, and constitutional law. The seminar is virtual and free, and begins September 16. Register now.

"This 10-session seminar will introduce the legal system of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) – in practice as well as theory – with an emphasis on institutions, norms, procedures, personnel and ideology relating to constitutional law, criminal justice and human rights. We will view the contemporary legal process against the background of China’s legal traditions and pre-Communist efforts to develop a modern legal system. We will also consider the relevant experiences of Chinese societies in Taiwan and Hong Kong."
Easy Listening
Looking for a new 中文 podcast to try, or just craving an auditory escape from the US-China news cycle? This Taiwan blog post, updated on August 14, 2020, recommends 33 Chinese-language podcasts that will "让耳朵听见全世界".

The list of Chinese podcasts links to each program's Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or SoundCloud page, and is organized by categories, including: Travel, International News and Culture, Society and Culture, Technology, Leisure, Marketing and Enterprise, Personal Development, and Psychology.

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