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Media Separated Valves

Controlling small amounts of liquid

Reliability, precision and compact dimensions are key when handling liquids in laboratories.

With the tiny and compact media separated valves VYKA and VYKB you have the highest flexibility regarding the wetted and different functionalities like 3/2, 2/2 NO or 2/2NC. The valves are also suitable for dispensing liquids if you need small drops of 1µl or a flow rate of water up to 2 l per minute.

VYKA valves control very small volumes of fluid (µl, ml) with high precision. VYKB valves are suitable for aggressive media, thanks to a separating membrane made from high-performance polymers.

Learn about Media Separated Valves

Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboFlex Picker

Mobile picking solution for

packages up to 50 kg

The unique ergonomics and safety of the Schmalz vacuum tube lifters are now also available for mobile use. The JumboFlex Picker can be transported with any standard industrial truck and is thus the ideal picking solution for packages weighing up to 50 kg - regardless of the location.

The safety of the operators and those around them was a top priority when creating the Jumbo Order Picker. The innovative magnetic sensor lock signals that the system arm is secure for driving, to ensure safety at all times.

Learn about JumboFlex Picker

Gravity Roller Conveyors

Simple and inexpensive product transport

Gravity roller conveyors are some of the most commonly used types of conveyors in factories and other industrial settings. They offer a simple, reliable, and inexpensive solution to transporting parts, products, and packages.

With a lower amount of friction than belted conveyors, a roller conveyor is suitable for processes that require operators to shift, rotate, and position product while in motion.

Utilizing gravity roller conveyors in certain applications can reduce costs and maintain high levels of efficiency and productivity. 

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Viper Safety Relays with Diagnostics

Available with short delivery times

IDEM’s VIPER SCR-i range of Safety Relays have been designed in accordance with EN60204-1 for safety circuits and they can be used in conjunction with mechanical interlock guard switches, emergency stop switches, non-contact guard switches or safety light curtains to achieve redundant monitoring and fault checking up to PLe/Cat4 ISO13849-1.

IDEM have a fantastic range of Safety Relays available on short delivery times.

Learn about Viper Safety Relays


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