City Manager’s statement on the vandalism of the Emily Murphy statue
July 13, 2021

Today the statue of Emily Murphy located in Emily Murphy Park was vandalized with red paint and the word ‘racist’ was scrawled on the statue. It has since been cleaned.

“The City of Edmonton Administration recognizes and understands the strong emotions and polarizing opinions that arise when we consider the attitudes and beliefs of historical figures whose actions no longer reflect our modern ideas and values.

We are listening to these concerns and are taking steps to determine how to handle these issues through our work in revising our Naming Committee Bylaw under City Policy C509B, and our Statuary Policy C459. But this type of work takes time and must include the voices of all Edmontonians, not just those who believe they can solve such concerns through damage or destruction. Criminal acts will not drive City policy.

Vandalism solves nothing. It destroys property, it destroys the hard work of the artist who created the monument or statue and it causes greater anger and frustration. 

People’s attitudes and values change and governments must keep in step with those changes. But that can’t happen overnight and we ask for people’s understanding and patience so that the solutions we develop reflect our broader society.”

Andre Corbould
City Manager
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Communications and Engagement