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July 15, 2020

Thursday 7/16 at 4pm

Superintendent Dr. Jason Glass
Deputy Superintendent Kristopher Schuh
Director of Health Services Julie Wilken

Join us on Facebook where Dr. Glass and his guests will answer the most commonly asked questions about returning to school in August.
Restart FAQs
As a preview to tomorrow's Facebook Live event, here is a peek at 5 common questions (and their answers) we have received from our community. We will also be sharing these with our community in the next Community Update later this week:
First, a quick review of where we stand now. For start-of-school for August 2020, Jeffco is:
Offering 100% in-person learning, M - F, at all our schools

Offering a choice of remote-only learning for those who wish that option

Asking families to let us know their choice of learning environment (for now)
Planning for creating a safe and effective learning environment for in-person learning

Ensuring all staff and students will follow health and safety guidelines from public health partners

Preparing school buildings with signage, classroom configuration, and staff training
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How can families make a choice for in-person or remote learning when they don't really know more specifics about their school's plan? When will they hear directly from their school? Can a family change their mind about their choice?
Our family questionnaire is out now and responses are due July 22. Schools will be communicating directly with their students, families, and staff by July 31 with specific details about their school's scheduling and other plans. The family questionnaire currently being completed is NOT BINDING. We are just trying to gauge how many students are choosing each learning style in order to make appropriate staffing and building use decisions. Families can change their selection up until the first day of school, and/or at the change of semester.

What happened to the hybrid learning option that was considered early on?
We considered a hybrid learning model in the early stages of planning, along with in-person and remote learning options. However, after significant research, considering the most current public health guidelines, and the fact that community feedback showed 90% of respondents indicate they were certain or likely to have their student return to in-person instruction, the hybrid option was removed.

Are masks required for students and staff? How will mask-wearing be reinforced, especially if students refuse to wear them?
Yes, traditional-style masks are required for all staff and students. We expect all students and staff to follow the directions outlined in Face Coverings Dos and Don’ts . Please note, some items many people are using as a face covering, like a neck gaiter, buff, or a bandana, are not allowed. Students will be provided a mask if they forget to bring one to school. Masks will be required to be worn in the classrooms unless students are sitting in their own working space at a 6 foot distance from others. If up and out of their own personal space, the mask is required. Students enrolling for in-person learning are expected to adhere to all public health and district guidelines, protocols, and procedures established at schools to create a safe and secure learning environment. Student attendance at school will serve as agreement to these terms and conditions. Any violation of terms and agreements in regards to public health will be considered a violation of the Student Conduct Code. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask will not be allowed to enter the building.

Is Jeffco making improvements to building ventilation?  
Jeffco Public Schools (JPS) buildings have very sophisticated HVAC systems that are centrally monitored and controlled, and almost all JPS schools below 7,000 feet are air conditioned. We will use dilution as a responsible way to improve indoor air quality, while also preserving equipment. This solution follows CDC COVID-19 guidelines and is a good fit for our district. To prepare for our August return to in-person learning, the facilities department has increased the minimum amount of outdoor air by 50-100% of current levels to 40% outside air at minimum at elementary and middle schools; the work at high schools to meet the same measurements will be complete by the time school starts. In addition to modifications made specifically in response to our return to 100% in-person learning in the current environment, some of our buildings have received upgrades to ventilation systems as part of the Capital Improvement Plan funded by the passage of 5B in 2018, which include upgrades to mechanical systems to make them more efficient, use less energy, and take advantage of technological advancements that allow for higher amounts of outside air to be introduced.

What is a cohort and how many students are in one?  
Cohorting refers to the practice of ensuring that student and staff groupings are as consistent as possible every day by having the same group of children stay with the same staff (all day for young children, and as much as possible for older children). Building principals should maintain structures that support students with individual needs while minimizing the intermingling of cohorts. The number of students who select in-person learning, together with other school-specific scheduling needs will determine cohort sizes on a school-by-school basis. This data is still being collected from families and is due July 22, as mentioned in above FAQs.
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