Kennedy Space Center's Gateway Explores the Universe with MX4D FLYING THEATRES.
Kennedy Space Center Advances into the Future Utilizing Immersive and Sensory Effects to Educate the Masses on Space Exploration with MediaMation's MX4D Motion EFX Flying Theatres.
Opening Day Ceremony
Kennedy Space Center has unfolded a new cosmic adventure for everyone to enjoy. Under the auspices of Delaware North, MediaMation was asked to provide advanced immersive solutions for Kennedy Space Center's new Gateway Attraction by building four MX4D Motion EFX Flying Theaters. These theaters provide a more immersive experience for multi-level processes of space. Each theater features a 180 degree dome projector screen and four different films depicting various aspects of space travel. Presentation is everything, and this attraction excels in this aspect. As people enter the loading bay, roll-up doors will shield the audience from the dome projections until it is time for the ultimate reveal. Built-in MX4D special effects enhances the 4D experience for each individual rider using wind, scent, audio transducers, seat and back pokers. Each theater is equipped with 20 motion effects seats that actually move you into the screen as the bottom drops giving you the sensation of flying as you soar into the unknowns of the universe. While your feet are dangling, you can feel wind, motion and bumps as you glide deep into the nebulas of some uncharted areas of space.

Dan Jamele, CEO of MediaMation states, “We’re very excited about these four MX4D flying theaters at the Kennedy Space Center. We’ve been working with all the partners to keep this moving along during the entire pandemic, and we have overcome many challenges. Each of these four individual experiences are world-class attractions that will continue to thrill audiences from all over for years to come and to help educate people about space exploration, NASA, and the direction that the entire Kennedy Space Center is looking towards for the future. We can’t express how excited we are to have seen this wonderful attraction come to fruition and what it means for Kennedy Space Center, MediaMation, and our current and future clientele. We want to establish the MX4D Flying Theater as a destination attraction.”
MX4D Flying Theatre Loading Bay
The Gateway Attraction is a marvel in and of itself with a 50,000 square foot complex containing multiple levels of attractions, artifacts, and immersive educational content. The flame of curiosity becomes a burning desire to know all there is to know about space exploration.

Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex is a bold new attraction where guests will personally experience NASA’s next giant leap and beyond highlighting all the excitement within the space industry,” says Therrin Protze, Chief Operating Officer, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “Guests can peek at the future of space travel with Spaceport KSC, an immersive experience with multiple journeys along which to travel and learn through a thrilling simulated space flight.”

With such an amazing facility now open for exploration, family and enthusiasts worldwide can become a part of this amazing experience.
Gateway Exhibit Space
Patrons waiting in different lines for each of the different Gates leading to the attraction

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Kennedy Space Center, one of 10 NASA field centers, is a premier multi-user spaceport with more than 90 private-sector partners and nearly 250 partnership agreements. The presence of commercial companies at NASA's Kennedy Space Center is larger than ever before, enabling us to embark on a new era of space exploration. Although Kennedy is the agency's main launch site, the center also is home to facilities that research and develop innovative solutions that government and commercial space ventures need for working and living on the surfaces of the Moon and other bodies in our solar system.

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