September 2021 Newsletter
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Guidelines for Billing
The answer is in the IEP
Providers can enter billable and non-billable services in the Service Portal. The IEP will tell a provider what services a student is receiving, how often they should be receiving each service, and other specifics including IEP expiration. If a service is provided outside the guidelines of the IEP, providers should log the service as a non-billable log.

Consultations are not billable. Evaluations for new students cannot be billed until an IEP is finalized. Our system regularly checks for Medicaid eligibility, but does not check to verify that an IEP is active. 

For more information about non-billable logs, please download guidelines and instructions here.

Keep you Caseload Current

After you log into the Service Portal choose Manage Caseload in the upper right corner. You can check a box to "only show students on my caseload." Remove students from your caseload that you no longer serve. Uncheck this box to search for students to add to your caseload.  

If your caseload includes a student that is no longer active in the system, make sure to uncheck the box "only show active students." This will allow you to remove inactive students from your caseload. If you can't find a student in our system to add to your caseload, please fill out a Student Information Sheet and Fax it to the School Services of Montana office or send the file via ShareFile.

Adding Goals to a Student Account

You can add goals for each student on your caseload. Detailed instructions can be found here. Goals should be added when an IEP is new or is updated. Make sure to add the IEP start and end dates so you can refer to them when you enter service logs..

Please be patient
Student grade and school information will be updated soon

Updates to student grades and schools happen during September and October. If you notice that a student's grade or school is still incorrect after October 20th, please email Lisa Waterman for direction on how to get student records updated. As long as a student has a valid IEP, you can log services in the Service Portal.

If you need to have a student added to the Service Portal, please fill out a Student Information Sheet. You can find this form and other forms on our website. Forms can be sent securely through Sharefile.   Please do not email student names or send email attachments with student information. You can use student initials and a date of birth in an email for questions.  

Service Portal Tips
Do you have a secure password? You can change your password by selecting My Account in the upper corner of the Service Portal next to your name. 
If you are new to logging services reference the most recent Service Portal Manual.
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