April 2023 Newsletter

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Supervision Log: Bell and Corrections

Providers who approve logs as part of their supervisor responsibilities now have a reminder on their home page of logs that require approval.

For providers assigned with supervision, a bell icon appears in the top right of the home page including a count of the number of logs to approve.

By clicking the bell, a window pops up with a brief message and link to the Supervision Wizard.

If you need to add a student to the Service Portal, please fill out a Student Information Form and send it to Lisa using our secure ShareFile link

How to log an Absence

An absence by either the therapy provider or a student can be documented in the Service Portal. Students with personal care services should show the absence on the daily care log and adding it to the Service Portal is optional for personal care. Therapy providers should add comments using a non-billable log explaining the absence.

Non-Billable logs are created using the Service Log Wizard. Choose NoProc-NonBillable from the drop-down menu in the wizard. Notes should then be added in the comments section. To save logging time, multiple days can be selected from the calendar. Also, multiple students can also be selected to document absences quickly for a group.

‌Personal Care Manual ‌

Manuals have been updated for 2023! If you are new to logging services or just need a refresher, the Service Portal Manual is a great resource.

‌Direct Care Therapy Manual‌ ‌

SSoM Medicaid Billing

School Services of Montana has partnered with RELAY to provide secure online Medicaid Billing for school districts and education cooperatives throughout the state of Montana since 2015. Over 800 school physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, paraprofessionals, nurses, social workers, and school administrators use this platform. Thank you for continuing to support your Montana school districts!

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