The Behavioral Health Collaborative is continuing to work out the details on recoupment of Non-Medicaid paid claims for Medicaid Eligible recipients. The Collaborative is currently working with the Medical Assistance Division (MAD) on a Letter of Direction to the Centennial Care - Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) in order to open up the timely filing window for claims that should have been billed to Medicaid. Once these details have been worked out by the Collaborative, they will be scheduling a meeting with Non-Medicaid providers to outline the details of the recoupment policy. No recoupment will occur prior to the Collaborative meeting with Non-Medicaid providers. Providers are instructed to hold their Medicaid claims until we have notified the appropriate Medicaid entities. Providers will receive notice once this has been completed.

Non-Medicaid claim recoupment will NOT occur on February 1, 2018 as was previously outlined in the provider alert dated January 15, 2018.

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