For Immediate Release                                                     Contact: Andrew Loposser
Date: 6.8.2018                                                                                           540-999-8218

Delegate Webert Makes Statement on Medicaid Expansion

Fauquier, VA – Today, Delegate Michael J. Webert (R-18th District) issued a statement regarding Governor Ralph Northam's signing of the House Budget Bills: House Bill 5001, and House Bill 5002.

"I am deeply disappointed to see Governor Northam sign a budget bill that will place a tremendous financial strain on the state of Virginia. We now find ourselves traveling down the same path as every other state that has tried expansion before us. And, like those other states, we will fail. There is nothing special about our attempt to expand Medicaid in the Commonwealth."

"Washington is $21 trillion in debt, and we cannot continue to count on IOUs from Congress to pay for expansion. When Washington, D.C. finally reigns in spending and cuts funding for the Medicaid program, Virginia taxpayers will be on the hook for hundreds of millions in new spending each year. At that point, we will be asked to make cuts to education, public safety, transportation, and we will be asked to raise taxes on hardworking Virginians - something I will not support."

"So, while we wait for the same fate to befall us that has so many other states - Kentucky, Ohio, Washington, Illinois, just to name a few - remember those members who broke their campaign promises to oppose Medicaid expansion and place our great Commonwealth at financial risk and place an insurmountable financial burden on our children and grandchildren."

Michael Webert is a Virginia farmer who represents the 18th district, an area that covers all of Rappahannock, and portions of Fauquier, Warren, and Culpeper counties in the Virginia House of Delegates. He is currently serving his third term in the legislature, and sits on the following committees: Militia, Police and Public Safety; Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources; Counties, Cities, and Towns. He and his wife Rebecca reside in Marshall, VA with their two sons.