AHCCCS Receives Authority to Implement Program Changes to Address COVID-19
Arizona was one of the first states to submit a  request to waive certain Medicaid and KidsCare (CHIP) program requirements  in order to address the COVID-19 outbreak. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved some components of Arizona’s request under the 1135 and Appendix K Waiver requests as well as AHCCCS' Medicaid Disaster Relief State Plan Amendment, which will strengthen the provider workforce, remove barriers to care for AHCCCS members, enhance Medicaid services and supports for vulnerable members, and remove burdensome cost-sharing and other administrative requirements.
Guidance for Health Plans, Providers Updated Daily
As the COVID-19 national emergency evolves, AHCCCS is posting health plan and provider guidance on a Frequently Asked Questions web page . More resources for members, including 24-hour Nurse Lines, are posted on the COVID-19 web page .
Member Premiums and Dis-enrollments Suspended During Emergency
AHCCCS has suspended premium payments for individuals enrolled in the KidsCare and Freedom to Work programs beginning with the March premium and until further notice, through the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. Additionally, currently enrolled Medicaid members will not be dis-enrolled during this same time frame. Members who lost coverage in March 2020 have been automatically reinstated with no action necessary on their part.
COVID-19 Alerts Now Available from Health Current
Health Current, Arizona’s Health Information Exchange (HIE), is pleased to announce that real-
time alerts for COVID-19 lab results are now available. Health Current has been working
throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to support the Arizona healthcare community in their
response – the first of the HIE’s COVID-19 services is the initiation of real-time alerts on all
COVID-19 lab results received by the HIE. This service will send HIE participants all COVID-19 lab
results (positive and negative) received by Health Current for their identified patients, members or
Tribal Stakeholder Webinars on COVID-19
Monday, April 20, 9 a.m. See the AHCCCS calendar for log-in details .