Time to Update Your Caseload
Your caseload should be updated as changes are made

After you log into the Service Portal choose Manage Caseload in the upper right corner.  You can check a box to "only show students on my caseload."  Remove students from your caseload that you no longer serve.  Uncheck this box to search for students to add to your caseload.  

If your caseload includes a student that is no longer active in the system, make sure to uncheck the box "only show active students."  This will allow you to remove these students.  If you can't find a student in our system to add to your caseload, please fill out a Student Information Sheet and Fax it to the SWMSS office

It was a wonderful summer
What if I forgot my login information?

Once you get to the Service Portal the client ID is SWMSS.  If you attempt to log in 6 times without success, you must email me to reset your account. 

We recommend that you log your services weekly.  You are busy - we get it!  To help you remember to log your services, set up a calendar reminder or try to log your services on a consistent day and time.

Please be patient
Updates for student grades and schools take time

Updates to student grades and schools happen during September and October.  If you notice that a student's grade or school is still wrong after October 20th, please email the SWMSS office for direction on how to get student data updated.

The IEP information section you see when you log a service log is a work in process.  Some districts can already see this information.  For other districts, we are still verifying the data to make sure it is a valuable and accurate tool. 
Time to log a service
Expect to spend a little extra time at first

Logging services in the portal takes a little practice.  If you are new to logging services or want to see the updated manual, please choose from the following: