Changes to the Service Portal
Physical Therapy Telehealth Option
Physical Therapists are getting a new code option in the SWMSS Service Portal.  Most PT providers currently use 97150 and 97530 service codes.  Soon a new 97150 code with a GT modifier will be available for PT Telehealth providers.   Please be careful that you choose the correct code when logging Physical Therapy services. Notify the SWMSS office with questions or to add a Physical Therapy telehealth provider to the logging system.

Medicaid Support Staff Take Note!
OPI has added two new SWMSS State Published AdHoc reports in AIM and Infinite Campus.  SWMSS uses these reports to populate student information in the Service Portal. 
The first report is titled ALL Special Education Medicaid Report   
This AdHoc will pull data for all students with current IEPs for a district.  It allows us to add or change multiple students in the Service Portal with a quick upload.  Once created, this report should be saved as a csv file and sent using the SWMSS Secure Link.     
The second report is titled ALL Special Education Medicaid Service Log
This AdHoc pulls data to populate IEP information in the provider Service Log Wizard.  The IEP information fields show IEP dates, services prescribed for a student, frequency, and services delivered.
 Service Log Wizard IEP information will populate similar to this: 


SWMSS cannot pull this AdHoc out of AIM or Infinite Campus, but it is super easy for districts to create and send.  Once created, this report should be saved as a Pipe Delimited csv file and sent using the SWMSS Secure Link  Both AdHoc reports should be sent at least quarterly to keep student records current.  Please email Lisa with questions.  
Missing Student?
The Student Information Sheet

The Student Information Sheet has gotten an upgrade. We have made the form fillable so you can now type in the information needed to add a student to the Service Portal.  You can still print out a blank form and fill it in.  To remain HIPAA and FERPA compliant, please don't send the completed form as an email attachment.

In some districts, the completed form is given to the Special Education office to send to SWMSS.  Providers can also save the completed form as a PDF and scan using the SWMSS secure link, fax, or mail it to the SWMSS office.Thank you to the Billings providers for this awesome idea!

You are awesome at what you do
Make sure to log your services. 

To add Personal Care Services in the Service Portal, use the Nursing/Personal Care Wizard to make logging easy. 
  1. In the wizard you will first enter the hours and minutes recorded on the Personal Care Logging Sheet. 
  2. Next you will check all of the services covered as directed by the IEP and Child Profile Form. 
  3. Third you will check the days that match the duration as listed in the first step. 
  4. The fourth step is to log the checked days to save your logs.

Medicaid Billing   


Completed logs will show below the calendar along with the ability to delete any errors.  Providers can then change the duration and enter additional logs. How easy is that?    

Make sure to keep the signed Personal Care Logging Sheet.  If there is an audit, these sheets are required to verify the services.

Thank you for Logging Your Services
Our manuals make the process easier

If you are new to logging services or need to reference the most recent SWMSS Service Portal Manual, please choose from the following:

Do you have a secure password?  You can change your password by selecting My Account in the upper corner of the Service Portal next to your name. 

Make sure to bookmark  The Client ID is SWMSS.