Guidelines for Billing

New Client ID
We made it a little easier to log into the Service Portal.   In previous years, providers used SWMSS as the Client ID.  The Client ID has been changed to Montana.  SWMSS will also work during the month of September.  If you save the Client ID and your email address on your device, please make sure to update the Client ID.

Do not save your password on your device.  You should enter your password every time you enter the Service Portal.
Evaluations can be billed for a student only once each year per service type.  This can be tricky since most evaluations occur over several sessions.  Before adding an evaluation to the service portal, wait until the evaluation is complete and the IEP finalized.    
The total time for an evaluation should be logged on the final evaluation day.  Specific dates and session times can be included in the comment section of the log.   If an IEP has not been finalized, you can still log a service, but make sure to use the NoProc Non Billable service type.  This is especially important if a district is waiting for the IEP to be signed since logs are not billable until the signature date.
Please be patient
Student grade and school information will be updated soon!

Updates to student grades and schools happen during September and October.  If you notice that a student's grade or school is still wrong after October 20th, please email the School Services of Montana office for direction on how to get student data updated.   As long as a student has a valid IEP, you can log services in the Service Portal using a service code.

If you need to have a student added to the Service Portal, please fill out a Student Information Sheet.  You can find this form and other forms on our website.  Forms can be sent securely through ShareFile.  Please don't email student names or send email attachments with student information.  You can use student initials and a date of birth in an email for general questions.

Thank you for Logging Your Services
Our manuals make the process easier

If you are new to logging services or need to reference the most recent Service Portal Manual, please choose from the following:

Do you have a secure password?  You can change your password by selecting My Account in the upper corner of the Service Portal next to your name. 

Upcoming Training Opportunity

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