Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As the safety net programs of the pandemic era wind down, Alaskan families are facing bigger bills for healthcare, child care, student loans, and even groceries. Inflation has hit hard, affecting us all, and these programs have been a saving grace for families in our great state. Now, the lifeline is being abruptly cut off, leaving families vulnerable to financial devastation. 

Don't get caught off guard! Alaskans on Medicaid need to make sure their contact information is up-to-date, and to check regularly for correspondence from the state regarding their Medicaid eligibility. Over 400 Alaskans have lost their Medicaid coverage because the state was unable to contact them. Alaskans who receive Medicaid can update their contact information online, or by calling the state’s Medicaid Information Update Hotline at 1-833-441-1870. 📞

Those who have questions about their eligibility or other coverage options if they’re dropped from Medicaid can dial 211, call 800-478-2221, or visit 211′s website to ask for a free appointment with a health care navigator. Please share this information with your friends, family, and neighbors!

A Dwindling PFD

The Permanent Fund Dividend is a significant source of income for many Alaskans, and it is important that we find a way to ensure its sustainability. The amount of each year's PFD only recently became a political football that is now part of the annual budget fight. As all Alaskans are painfully aware, the price of oil is volatile and in most recent years has been insufficient to cover Alaska's needs (even if we had in place a more rational oil tax system). That dynamic has put pressure on the size of the PFD and drained the balances from our various savings accounts.

Looking ahead, the political pressure will be to simply reduce the PFD, which will negatively affect our most vulnerable Alaskans. It has simply become unsustainable to rely on oil revenue alone. Adding more revenue sources will require political courage, but it is essential that we take action now to protect the PFD for future generations of Alaskans.

Last session, I co-sponsored HJR 9 with Rep. Groh and others to fix the size of the PFD and protect it from further attacks, and we stand ready to take other responsible measures.

I urge you to learn more about this issue and to contact your legislators to let them know that you support sustainable funding for the PFD. You can stop by my office for conversations every Wednesday, or give us a call at (907) 269-0190.

"Make it Monday" - Disrupting the Cycle of Homelessness

Today we had the opportunity to attend this week’s “Make it Monday” forum on Disrupting the Cycle of Homelessness. We heard presentations about a community resource center that is being developed in Mountain View that will offer services like behavioral health education, financial literacy courses, a job center, a child drop-in center, and so much more.

It was inspiring to learn about innovative ways community partners are collaborating and working to address homelessness by disrupting the cycle before it starts.

Learn more about the Shiloh Community Resource Center>>

A huge shoutout to Celeste Hodge Growden at Shiloh Community Center for working on this vision for over a decade!

Caroline Storm - CRC Architect for Remodel

& Sheneé Williams - CEO, Shiloh Community Housing Inc.

Sheneé Williams - CEO, Shiloh Community Housing Inc.

Small Business Listening Tours

Are you a small-business owner in Midtown? I would love for the opportunity to schedule a visit with you to listen to and discuss ideas and suggestions for the needs of small business owners and operators, and how I can best serve the business community. Please reach out to my office directly at (907) 269-0190 if you are interested in meeting with me over the next 5 months.

Free Training for Jobs that Pay

Check out this great opportunity! Alaska Works is offering FREE training for skills like carpentry, welding, plumbing, HVAC, electrical wiring, and much more! 🛠️

There will be more training added, so be sure to check their website for updates.

Apply online here>>

You're Invited to our Midtown Meetup

How can I better serve you? Do you have ideas on how to make Midtown a more marvelous place to live and play? How do you think we should be investing state dollars? Would you like to see more investment in things like roads, infrastructure, parks, and trails? I want to hear from you!

Please join us for our weekly Midtown Midweek Meetup this Wednesday, July 19 from noon-1 in my office at the Anchorage LIO - 1500 W. Benson Blvd, Room 325. Refreshments will be provided!

Serving you,

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