Dear Neighbor,

Medicaid has never been more important for our economy and for the safety of our communities. A new study finds that eliminating Medicaid Expansion in Alaska would cost Alaska's economy nearly 3,700 jobs, $267 million in annual labor income, and $566 million in annual total economic output under State Fiscal Year 2018 conditions.

Medicaid is critical for public safety as well as our economy. Since Medicaid provides funding for addiction treatment, it is a front line program in our battle against addiction. Cuts to Medicaid would mean more addicts, more thieves, and less safe neighborhoods.

Fortunately, the Legislative Research Division has found that Governor Dunleavy cannot unilaterally withdraw from Medicaid expansion. 

I will be working with my colleagues and health care providers to continue making improvements to Medicaid because this program is essential for a strong economy and safe communities.