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August 2021
Thank you for being part of my business community.
I am here this month to remind you that the aesthetic market is still expanding and there remains a large pool of potential clients. We just need to be creative to reach and educate them. Below I have provided an inspirational graph from the study. Resource Link:
I admire Allergan's recent success with the Botox "See Yourself" campaign. I always watch where the biggest advertising dollars are invested. Incorporate their approach in your campaign. Better yet, partner with your vendors and incorporate their digital assets and expertise as well.

Please take a minute to review this newsletter for ideas and resources that may provide you with new sales.
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This month's primary theme is an organizational software that is economical, keeps your campaign structured, and saves you time. The Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is not just for the "big companies." CRM Services

I manage transitions to centralized campaigns. Setup, data transition, and design services to get you going are available.

I am available anytime to brainstorm, share ideas, and to review your campaign for tweaks.

Don't take your foot off the gas. Keep marketing and even when your business is running on all cylinders.

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Rob Steele
Cell: 704-604-1632
Consider The CRM
Marketers use a CRM to manage and optimize campaigns. A cloud-based software centralizes all aspects of your campaign and delivers a data driven path to higher sales. Generate leads, retains your current customers, and secures resells into the future with segmenting.
Trends & Ideas
Visualizing Social Media Use by Generation:
Are your marketing efforts reaching your target audience by generation -or- age?

LinkedIn's 'Boost' Option for Organic Posts, New Event Promotion and Management Tools:
LinkedIn is looking to make it easier for brands to maximize the reach of their posts, with a new, Facebook-like 'Boost' option.

Improve your local ranking on Google with Google My Business:
To improve your business’s local ranking, use Google My Business to claim and update your business information.

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