July 20, 2018

Dear Families of Students Rising to Grades 7-12, 
The first day of practice for our fall sports programs is quickly approaching, starting with upper school football 10 days from now (see complete list of start dates as well as contact information for coaches and equipment needs by clicking below).
Please note that your children will not be allowed to participate in athletics without up-to-date physical exams. The following link will take you to Final Forms, where you should update your child(ren)'s online medical and athletic forms.
Please visit the Final Forms portal for each child annually to verify all information is still correct and throughout the year as health history updates are needed.
Pre-participation Physical Exam (PPE) Forms
Once your child is registered into FINAL FORMS, you can print out a PPE form for your physician to complete with the health history section already populated. Your physician will need to complete the last two pages (student profile > Forms > click "OHSAA PPE form for Physician" at bottom left menu > click to print). Hardcopies of the OHSAA PPE form are also available at http://ohsaa.org/Portals/0/Sports-Medicine/PPE_2018-19.pdf.
  • Submit completed PPE forms ONLY to the Athletics Office or Academy Hall Reception Desk.
  • Keep a copy of the completed PPE form at home for your files.
  • PPEs are current for one calendar year from date the exam was given.
  • A child's current PPE form MUST be on file with us PRIOR to the first practice or he/she will not be permitted to participate. This is an OHSAA regulation.
Enjoy the rest of your summer, and go Vikes!
Assistant Director of Athletics