Local Chambers' "Return To Work" Letter to Gov. Walz
Signed by Apple Valley Chamber & Others
This afternoon, GOVERNOR WALZ WAS PRESENTED WITH THIS LETTER FROM 75 CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE OF WHICH WE WERE A PART OF. The Governor was also asked to view this LINK OF SMALL BUSINESSES ASKING TO OPEN FULLY. It even has a coffee shop in Burnsville as one of many highlighted. Take a look.
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The 'Real Time Solutions' Webinar Series Continues!
The Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Lakeville, Burnsville, Hastings and River Heights Chambers is excited to continue the 'Real Time Solutions' webinar series! These are complimentary Live 30-minute webinars to help your business navigate the questions, and new normal, related to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Speaker: Bruce Nustad | President of the MN Retailers Association
Bruce will give us information about how the retail industry can get back to work and be successful in this new era of COVID-19 awareness and preparedness.
AV CHAMBER NOTE: With retail opening on Monday with curbside, pickup, drop off and/or delivery, we put together an insightful webinar with the President of the MN Retailers Association. Don't miss it! Bruce is the former President of Twin West Chamber and knows exactly what you are going through.
Last Thursday, BRUCE NYSTAD was chosen by the Governor to speak (above) with him during the Governor’s Thursday announcement that retail can partially open today. This will be a TIMELY webinar if your business is customer facing.
Webinar Series Information
(All Webinars are 30 Minutes Long)
Wednesday May 6 | 8 am
Readying Your Retail Operation
Bruce will give us information about how the retail industry can get back to work and be successful in this new era of COVID-19 awareness and preparedness.

Wednesday May 13 | 8 am
The State of Tourism in the COVID-19 Era
John will be joining us for an interactive conversation about the state of MN's tourism now and in the coming months. This will follow more of a Q & A format.
Moderated by Apple Valley Chamber President Ed Kearney.

There are 3 more timely webinars currently being planned. Stay tuned!
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We like keepin' tabs on everyone so we are hosting another VIRTUAL Coffee Connection! These virtual check-ins are our "new normal" for now, so grab a cup of joe and join us!
It will take place NEXT TUESDAY May 12th from 8 - 9 am.

FUN FACT: The photo above is from the April virtual Coffee Connection!
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We will go "around the room" and have everyone introduce themselves and touch base with one another. Yay!
Gov. Walz Signs Order Allowing Elective Surgeries & Dental Work
Starting Next Monday May 11th
APPLE VALLEY CHAMBER NOTE:  Today the Governor opened up the MEDICAL & DENTAL field to conduct ELECTIVE SURGERY BEGINNING NEXT WEEK, BUT ONLY IF THEY WRITE A PLAN TO PROTECT STAFF AND PATIENTS. The plan does NOT NEED TO BE SUBMITTED but should be communicated to staff and patients as well as the State upon request. They must also be certain they have enough PPE to protect staff and patients. They may remain closed if they so choose. Most profit to keep medical and dental operating is through elective surgery. This is very good news for south of the river as a whole.

(From News Article at Fox 21)
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed an executive order Tuesday allowing elective surgeries to restart on May 11.

According to the governor’s office, the executive order provides a roadmap for safely restarting elective surgeries. Starting next week, doctors, dentists, and veterinarians who create a plan to keep patients and healthcare professionals safe may begin offering these procedures again.

The executive order will allow “hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and clinics – whether veterinary, medical, or dental – to resume many currently-delayed procedures once facilities have developed criteria for determining which procedures should proceed during the COVID-19 pandemic and provided a plan to maintain a safe environment for facility staff, patients, and visitors.”

“Minnesota has made significant progress in building up critical resources to combat COVID-19,” Walz said in the release. “We’re proud that this progress will allow our medical professionals to safely resume certain procedures to keep Minnesotans healthy and improve their quality of life.”
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