Medical Boondocks
By: Dr. Oris Guillaume
Agent Lourdes-Jenny with Cheramy Moise, a child in our program.
According to CBC News in an article written by Sheila Whyte, "More than 138,000 children under the age of five die of preventable diseases every year, and women routinely die terrible deaths in childbirth because they live too far away from medical help in rural areas without services or simply can't afford to pay for services."

It is a dilemma when someone has a desire to help and he or she has a low-income salary. What if I were to tell you it doesn't matter how much you make, you can still make a difference with coins that you have left from the grocery store? You can help prevent diseases right where you are... It really does not matter how much. Here in Haiti we can make your dream come true. Do you know you can sponsor a child for only 33 cents a day? Yes, you can if you will. Our program is only costs you 33 cents a day, $1.65 every week or $10 dollars monthly. As a visionary leader, I trained my 9-year-old to use the pocket change from the grocery store, from the drugstore, and from gas station by collecting the money from the change. Guess what, he can find it... Next... You should be able to train a child or tell a friend.

Haiti is the medical boondocks, an island stuck in a time capsule where disease, disability and death stalk impoverished Haitians for lack of medical materials. Haiti Cheri is using the clinic as a platform to prevent simple diseases that later can become very complicated issues. In the U.S., we are so privileged to talk about the healthcare system. Haiti does not have a health care system to treat the common diseases. Another problem is that there aren't enough trained medical staff. Many doctors have left the country to escape violence or just to get a better salary. Haiti lacks modern medical resources, hospitals and clinics, trained nurses, doctors and other medical staff, medical devices, diagnostic technology and medicines. We asking you to support a child. If you are an active nurse or doctors, or a retired nurse or doctors who would like to spend a week or more in Haiti, we welcome you to join us. Drop us a note at  if you would like more information.

Everyone, whether medically trained or not, can save a life through our medical adoption program. Click  to save a life now!

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