15 Ways To Have a Less Stressful Holiday Season  

For most people the holidays are a time of joy, laughter, and enjoyment but for some the holidays are a time of stress, anxiety, and depression. The rush of shopping, cooking, cleaning, and family can cause a variety of feelings or intensify already challenging situations. Many times we are too caught-up in the process to take a step back and realize what this season is really about. Here are a few tips to consider if you find yourself in "holiday overload" or just want to have a more peaceful Christmas.  Continue Reading...


Health By Choice Welcomes Medical Doctor to Wellness Staff 


Ella McElwee, PhD, HMD, ND and the staff at Health By Choice are excited to welcome Dr. Erik Von Kiel, DO to the wellness team at Health By Choice. Dr. Von Kiel will primarily be practicing at the Manheim location as a Medical Doctor.


With his extensive background, training and experience, Dr. Von Kiel is uniquely situated to help you with a wide array of health issues. He has over 25 years of Dr. Erik Von Kiel, DOexperience as a physician, both conventionally and naturally trained. He can walk you through the best and the worst of both and their wide array of treatment options, when they are compatible and when they are not.


Dr. Von Kiel's goal is that "The focus is on the unique individual and your desires, goals, beliefs, hopes and dreams of where you are and where you want to go with your health and life. I can then advise and help you meet that goal but at the same time 'laying it on the table' what you must do to get there."


Dr. Von Kiel is trained in traditional medical school osteopathic with an internship, residency (Allopathic MD) in family practice and board certified early in his career but has always been involved in natural health since prior to medical school.


Dr. Von Kiel practices what he preaches and is a self-proclaimed 'de-medicating doctor'. He is a Medical Doctor who knows medicines and knows how to get off prescription medication. He can walk you through the steps to eliminate your dependency on over-the-counter and prescription medications.


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Von Kiel call 800-858-3288.

Stress Reducing Supplements 
All the advice for lowering stress during the Holiday season appears to be falling on deaf ears.  Everyone still looks stressed!! We are a stressed society and Christmas season finds us even more stressed! For those occassions, consider trying a nutritional and/or homeopathic product that will help your body survive the stress.  Continue Reading...  
How To Relax This Holiday Season
What is your stress management plan for making it through the holiday season?   Do you feel frazzled, caught up in the shopping, cooking, and juggling all of the items on your to-do list?   If so, try to implement a few self-care practices this in your day to day routine so that you can feel more relaxed and enjoy time with you your family and love ones. Continue Reading...
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Paula Himes Receives Scholarship 
Paula HimesCongratulations to staff member Paula Himes, Mind/Body Wellness Consultant for making the Dean's List this Fall at Allegheny College of    Maryland with a 4.0 GPA.
Paula is pursuing an Associates Degree in Human Services and has recently received a scholarship from The Bedford County Human Services Council.
We are very proud of her hard work and dedication.  She is a wonderful example of someone who is following their dreams!