Is Medical Marijuana Right For You?

Board Certified Anesthesiologist 

The State of Pennsylvania has legalized the use of medical marijuana.  Starting sometime next year, dispensaries will be opening and patients with the following serious medical conditions will be able to obtain medical marijuana. To purchase medical marijuana, a patient will need to be under the continuing care of a physician who is registered with the Department of Health. The physician may then provide a signed certification to the patient stating that the patient has a serious medical condition. The patient must then apply to the Department of Health for an identification card. Once the patient receives an identification card, he or she can purchase medical marijuana at an authorized dispensary. 

At Rittenhouse, we believe that medical marijuana may be useful in the treatment of the following conditions and you should be discussing these conditions at your visit:

·         Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
·         Autism
·         Cancer
·         Crohn's Disease
·         Damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with objective neurological indication of                    intractable spasticity
·         Epilepsy
·         Glaucoma
·         HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) / AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
·         Huntington's Disease
·         Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome
·         Intractable Seizures
·         Multiple Sclerosis
·         Neuropathies
·         Parkinson's Disease
·         Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
·         Severe chronic or intractable pain of neuropathic origin or severe chronic or intractable                      pain in which conventional therapeutic intervention and opiate therapy is contraindicated or 
·         Sickle Cell Anemia

Dr. Saltzman's background in Pharmacokinetics and the dynamics of medications has led to him researching the significant benefits of medical marijuana. He has received his certification from the state of Pennsylvania and will be seeing patients at our office for medical marijuana evaluations.

To read more about medical marijuana and if it may be right for you,  click here . 


Which IUD is Right For You?

Allison Andrews WHNP

There are two different types of IUDs: hormonal and non-hormonal.
We want to answer the 2 main questions that many women ask themselves when considering an IUD:  What is the difference? W hich one is right for me?
Mirena is the hormonal IUD that has been around the longest, and is currently approved for up to 5 years. Mirena was originally intended for women who have had children. However, studies have shown that it is perfectly safe and effective for women who have never been pregnant. Mirena is recommended to help manage women who suffer from heavy or painful periods. Most women on Mirena have reported that their periods get significantly lighter or go away completely. About one in five Mirena users stop having a period after a year, and one in three if they use it for a longer period of time.

Liletta is very similar to Mirena. It contains the same dose of hormone and is approved for use up to 4 years. This IUD has also been approved for women who have never had children. Like the Mirena, your periods can get significantly lighter or go away completely.

Kyleena is smaller in size then the Mirena and has a lower dose of hormone then the Mirena/Liletta. Like the Mirena the Kyleena is approved for up to 5 years and about 1 in 8 women who use it will stop having periods after a year.

All hormonal IUDs prevent pregnancy by releasing a small amount of a progestin hormone called levonorgestrel each day. The progestin acts locally in the uterus to prevent pregnancy. Hormonal IUDs do not contain estrogen and typically have fewer hormonal side effects than methods that do contain estrogen.

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7 Maternal Benefits of Breastfeeding

Lauren O'Brien M.D. 

You have probably heard the phrase "Breast is Best" in reference to breastfeeding a newborn baby. The benefits of breast milk to an infant are widely touted and acknowledged.  Such benefits include: decreased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, decreased risk of obesity in the child, and a decreased risk of asthma, allergies and infections including ear infections, respiratory infections and diarrheal illnesses.  What are often not discussed are the benefits of breastfeeding to the mother.  Here we bring you 7 important maternal benefits of breastfeeding.

1) Better healing post-delivery: The act of breastfeeding stimulates the release of  the hormone oxytocin. This encourages the uterus to contract, returning to its pre-pregnancy size sooner and decreasing post-partum bleeding.


2) Greater calorie burn: This allows some women to lose the pregnancy weight a bit faster.  Some studies have also demonstrated a lower amount of visceral fat in women who have breastfed.  This is the fat that is stored around the abdominal organs and predisposes an individual to cardiovascular disease.


3) Decreased risk of cancer: Moms who have breastfed have a decreased risk of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer.  This benefit is even seen in patients with a family history of breast cancer.


4) Decreased risk of chronic disease: A number of studies have demonstrated a reduction in the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol among women who have breastfed.  There is also some data to suggest a potential reduction in osteoporosis risk.


To read all 7 of the the maternal benefits of breastfeeding, click here


DermaCenter Medical Spa at the Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center would like to invite you to our Center for our  exclusive injectable party!

Dr. Dana Shanis, M.D.,is board certified and available for Botox, Juvederm and Voluma injections.  Dr. Shanis, who will be available from  4:00pm-8:00pm  has been injecting at our practice since she joined and has recently completed an advanced injection training which trained her on intricate filler solutions around the jaw and other locations that are cutting edge at aesthetically enhancing your appearance. For more information on Dr. Shanis,  click here.

Catherine McGintyMSN, FNP-BC,  is a board certified family nurse practitioner. She is available for botox injections from 12:30pm-4:00pm. For more information on Catherine McGinty, click here

 *Must sign up for Brilliant Distinctions program in order to receive discount. 

ThermiSmooth is a breakthrough in non-invasive skin treatments that can be used to fix sagging skin or wrinkles. ThermiSmooth Face can treat the forehead, eyelids, wrinkles around the eyes or mouth, and sagging jowls. The procedure uses radio-frequency to heat the skin allowing it to tighten and smooth.  

Special Introductory Price for November is $200 per zone per area

Call the Dermacenter to book an appointment today! (215) 735-7990 ext. 104/105

Refer a friend to the DermaCenter and receive $50 off any treatment or $100 off any package! Both you and your friend will receive the same discount!

3 VelaShape Sessions for $800 
(reg. $1,000)

Velashape eliminates cellulite and improves your overall figure. This procedure uses a combination of BiPolar Radio Frequency, Infrared Light Energy, Vacuum and mechanical massage to visably smooth the look and feel of your body with no down time.

Microplanning Package of 5 Treatments for $450
(reg. $550)

Microplanning of the skin will help cleanse, exfoliate, massage and nourish the outer most layer of the skin. The skin will be left with a soft, smooth and supple appearance. 

One of our partners has raised their discount! 

Amrita Yoga & Wellness

Now offering:  20% off Class cards, Single Month Unlimited & Drop in Classes!

As a healthcare facility, we would like to encourage our employees and patients to exercise more while also promoting health related charities. Our next health walk(s) we will be attending:

Philadelphia Step Out of Walk
Walk to Stop Diabetes
November 4th, 2017
Walk begins @ 9am
Philadelphia Art Museum
2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Heart Walk
November 4th, 2017
8:00am - 12:00pm
[More info here]
Citizens Bank Park
1 Citizens Bank Way
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Free to Breath Run/Walk
November 5th, 2017
Memorial Hall, Fairmount Park
4231 Avenue of the Republic
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Walk to End Alzheimers
November 11th, 2017
Walk begins @ 11am
Citizens Bank Park
1 Citizens Bank Way
Philadelphia, PA 19148

We look forward to seeing you there!

We know so much about our patients and we love to see familiar faces (although preferably for well-visits), but do you ever wonder who is helping you book your follow-up appointments or draws your blood? If you do want to know more about our team, please feel free to read our " Meet  the  Staff " segment! We hope that getting a little more familiar with the people you see in our office will make you more comfortable and confident with the care you receive through us.
Melissa Boctor

1.) What does wellness mean to you?

Hippocrates who lived during Greece's Classical period and who is regarded as the father of medicine stated: The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of disease. I believe this to be the root of wellness. Wellness begins with an internal disposition that seeks balance and health. It is the alignment of mind, body and spirit into a sense of well-being. We have to actively and constantly pursue it.

2.) What health advice do you promote to your family?

My husband and I try to have two main messages to our three teenage children. One, you get one single life; find what you love to do and when you find it do it with all of your heart; don't settle for temporary comfort and watch your life pass you by. Two, we try and teach them how to establish a balance to their lives. In our home, it is essential they learn how to say yes and no to activities, friends and sports. We are continuously reminding them that they have to have enough in their tank to be able to manage their mental, emotional and physical health.

3.) Are there any lifestyle changes that have positively or negatively affected your health?

A little over a year ago I completed a BSN Express program through Villanova University. It was four years of nursing school put into a 14-month period. There was little time to do anything other than study, study and study some more. It was very stressful, and I felt it negatively impact my health. I hoped to learn something from that experience and apply it to this next chapter of my life as I pursue a Women's Health NP program through University of Penn. 

4.) What activities do you participate in? What do you do to help you feel healthy?

I have always loved nature and physical activities. I was a college gymnast so anything that gives me the feeling that I can be myself; not a mom, not a wife, just Melissa. Practicing Yoga and CrossFit are two of my favorite indoor activities. Outdoor living; give me sunshine, trees and a body of water, I just love it all! 

5.) What advice do you have for patients seeking to optimize their health?

The pursuit of happiness, of health, is actively pursuing a balance to life; out of doors activity, healthy food choices, good sleep, pursuing a passion and living with love and compassion feeds the body and the mind. You get one body, take care of it and live intently.

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