Medical Marijuana Control Program
Processor Information Session Overview
The Medical Marijuana Control Program hosted an informational session with processor provisional licensees on Friday, March 1. The session provided a comprehensive overview of license and compliance issues. The agenda included presentations from MMCP staff and detailed the MMCP’s inspection protocols and licensing processes. Some helpful takeaways include:

MMCP Program Status
The following is an update regarding the number of licensees that are currently in provisional license status or have obtained a Certificate of Operation:

  • Cultivators: 29 provisional licenses
  • 16 Certificates of Operation: 8 Level I and 8 Level II

  • Processors: 38 provisional licenses (40 allowed by rule)
  • 1 Certificate of Operation (March 8, 2019)

  • Testing laboratories: 5 provisional licenses
  • 3 Certificates of Operation

  • Dispensaries: 56 provisional licenses
  • 9 Certificates of Operation

Program sales totals from Jan. 16, 2019 to March 3, 2019:

Total sales: $1,520,381
Total volume of product sold: 201 pounds

Ohio Board of Pharmacy Patient Numbers (as of Feb. 28, 2019):

  • 22,276 Recommendations
  • 19,395 Registered patients with recommendations
  • 1,621 Patients with Veteran Status
  • 637 Patients with Indigent Status
  • 107 Patients with a Terminal Diagnosis
  • 5,465 Unique patients who purchased medical marijuana (as reported to OARRS by licensed dispensaries)
  • 973 Total Caregivers
Compliance Reminders
Employee Background Check Fee Increase

The program was notified of a recent increase in FBI background check costs. The fee will increase by $1.25. Therefore, effective April 1, 2019, BCI’s fee for the FBI background check will increase by the same amount from $24.00 to $25.25.

If you have questions regarding employee registration, please be sure to review the FAQ provided in the Feb. 27 Bi-Weekly Newsletter. For additional questions, please contact the MMCP Licensing inbox at .

Utilizing e-Licensing

Licensees are required to utilize the e-Licensing software to pay all fees. To make a payment for any outstanding fees on your license, please navigate to the Manage Payments tab in the e-Licensing Self Service Portal, select the invoices you wish to pay, and select the method of payment you wish to use. Be sure to consult the eLicensing user manual for more detailed instructions.

Rule Review
The Ohio Department of Commerce Medical Marijuana Control Program submitted the following proposed rule package and business impact analysis for review to the Common Sense Initiative. The MMCP is soliciting public input on draft changes to Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3796.

Please review the revised draft amended and new rules and provide any comments you may have by 5 p.m. on March 22, 2019 to and . Please include the words “MMCP Commerce Rule Review” in the subject line of all comments

If you have questions about the rules or the rule review process, please contact Sydney King, Director of Stakeholder Relations, at .

Communication Resources
The MMCP’s goal is to ensure communication between MMCP staff and licensees is effective and efficient. We intend to utilize the newsletter to communicate program, compliance, and policy updates.

To be successful, it is vital we receive feedback and input from our licensees and stakeholders on how to improve:

  • Let us know the kind of information you would like to see in the Bi-Weekly Newsletter by emailing the MMCP Inbox at
  • Be sure to send to your employees the following link to receive this newsletter and other important updates: