Medical Marijuana Control Program
We Need Cultivator Input!
The Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) is seeking input from cultivators on reported issues related to packaging of medical marijuana plant material and the 90-day supply outlined in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).

O.A.C. 3796:8-2-04 requires plant material to be packaged in multiples of 2.83 grams, which is more than 1/90 of the maximum 90-day supply (226.8 grams for Tier I plant material and 150.3 grams for Tier II). As a result, the amount purchased at one time can impact a patient’s ability to ultimately purchase a full 90-day supply.

To participate in the survey, click here .  

Metrc Reminders
  • Processors: As you move toward obtaining a certificate of operation, it is important to note that the relevant processor facility staff will need to be trained and credentialed in Metrc. This includes processors who are also existing cultivators.
  • To receive training and credentialing, schedule your training online at
  • Please be sure to use the Metrc support staff for any software issues or questions. Metrc has a dedicated support staff that is readily available to answer any software support questions.
  • To contact Metrc support, call or email: 1-877-566-6506 and
  • For questions regarding Product ID approval, please contact Stephen Wilson at the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy: call 614-300-9298 or email

Processor Food Safety Inspections
The Ohio Department of Commerce is requiring any processor who manufactures edibles to be subject to a food safety inspection conducted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture in conjunction with Department of Commerce MMCP staff.

  • MMCP staff will schedule the food safety inspections as part of your certificate of operation inspection, and will escort the Agriculture inspectors through your facilities.
  • All inspection-related communications will be coordinated by MMCP staff. This means you will not receive a communication from Agriculture that details the results of the inspection.
  • Please send questions about the food safety inspections to Do not contact Agriculture. 

MMCP Licensing Information
The MMCP Licensing team addresses all licensing-related issues. For the following issues, we encourage you to contact :

  • eLicensing Access
  • Employee and Owner ID Badges
  • Advertising Submissions
  • Strain Name Submissions
  • Packaging and Labeling Submissions
  • eLicensing System Issues
  • Facility Renewals

Licensing Reminder: Co-owned, co-located facilities need to remember that if you have employees working in both facilities, employees will require a badge for each facility. 

Hemp Bill Summary
Senate Bill 57 was introduced February 20, 2019 by Senators Brian Hill and Stephen Huffman. The bill’s goal is to decriminalize hemp and hemp products. The current version of the bill tasks the Ohio Department of Agriculture with developing a plan to regulate the cultivation and processing of hemp. The bill also requires Agriculture to develop a rule that establishes for hemp cultivators a setback distance from an existing medical marijuana cultivation facility. The bill was unanimously approved by the Ohio Senate and was assigned to the Ohio House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee. You can read the Senate version of SB 57 ( here ) by downloading the “As Passed by the Senate” version of the bill.
Product Identifier Webinar
The MMCP, led by the Board of Pharmacy, will host a webinar Friday, April 12 at 11 a.m.  regarding the Product Identifier (ID) process. This webinar will provide background on the purpose of the Product ID and include a demonstration regarding the process of creating Product IDs in Metrc, specifically for Non-Plant Material products.
This is an important component of compliance and attendance is strongly recommended. All medical marijuana products must have an assigned Product ID to be accepted by a dispensary. This applies to each medical marijuana strain and medical marijuana form and dose. The assignment of a Product ID is to ensure that only products in compliance with MMCP regulations are available to patients and their caregivers.

Prior to the webinar, be sure to review the following resources:

Please submit questions in advance by Wednesday, April, 10 at 12 p.m. to the Board of Pharmacy at MMCP-Product . Only questions submitted prior to the webinar will be answered.

Please be on the lookout next week for an updated FAQ and the ability to register for the webinar.
Please contact MMCP-Product with questions.