Medical Marijuana Control Program
Review a Sample Inspection Form to Prepare for your Processor Certificate of Operation Inspection
This Medical Marijuana Processor Certificate of Operations Inspection Form provides processors with an overview of the items the compliance team will be looking at when completing an inspection for a Certificate of Operation. Reviewing this form now can help you better prepare for your inspection.
Unit Weight Required for Product IDs to be Assigned
As of Feb. 18, Tier I and Tier II Plant Material Item Categories require the “Unit Weight” field be entered for the item to be approved. This will streamline the review process and provide a clear reference for dispensaries to identify product weight. No action needs to be taken for previously approved Items; they will remain active as they currently exist in Metrc. 

Please note, items submitted with the weight of 2.83 grams need to have a day supply of two. Previously, we have accepted one, but moving forward we will only accept two days for 2.83 grams.
The following are resources available related to the Product ID Assignment:
Don't Forget to Register
for the Processor Informational Session
An informational session on Friday, March 1 at 1 p.m. will provide processor licensees with a comprehensive overview of license and compliance issues. The meeting will take place at the Division of State Fire Marshal's office, located at 8895 East Main Street in Reynoldsburg.

Please R.S.V.P. by Feb. 22, 2019 at Space is limited to two representatives from each licensed processor. 

Ensuring Compliance with Employee Badge Requirements
Read the employee badge compliance reminders below to ensure you're compliance with the requirements. This is something the department takes seriously and will be monitoring.
Are all employees required to be badged? Yes. All employees who will work in the facility (including any employees of third-party firms such as consultants and security personnel) and other persons are required to obtain employee ID cards pursuant to the Ohio Administrative Code In addition to any person who will be working at the facility, at a minimum, every owner, principal officer, board member, other employee, administrator, agent or other person who may significantly influence or control the activities of a processor must register for an employee ID card. For entities that have a cultivator and a processor license, employees will need to have badges for both facilities which will require a new employee application. Registration is done electronically through eLicensing. All required components of the employee ID application must be completed and the fee must be paid before an application can be processed and an ID card can be issued. Please reference this user manual for details. No person may begin working at a licensed facility prior to receiving an employee ID card.
Can employees work as a visitor until the badge process is complete? No. If a person is working as an employee, advisor, contractor or temporary employee, they are required to receive an employee badge prior to beginning work. Visitors to a facility are prohibited from performing any work related to medical marijuana cultivation, processing, or laboratory testing while on site. While this practice may be commonplace under other states’ medical marijuana programs, it represents a violation of the Ohio Administrative Code. MMCP compliance staff will be inspecting visitor logs as part of regular compliance inspections. If it is discovered that individuals without state-issued employee ID cards are signing in as visitors for the purpose of working in a licensed facility, the Department may initiate enforcement action pursuant to O.A.C. 3796:5-6, up to and including suspension or revocation of the facility license.
What is the visitor policy? O.A.C. 3796:5-2-02 states a person that is not a holder of a valid employee ID card of a cultivator, processor or testing laboratory is prohibited from accessing a facility, unless they receive authorization and obtain a visitor identification badge from the cultivator, processor or testing laboratory. To obtain a visitor identification badge, the visitor must provide a valid, government-issued identification with a photograph.
A person who obtains a visitor identification badge must do the following:
  • Be escorted and monitored by an assigned registered employee of the facility at all times he or she is on the premises and has access to medical marijuana;
  • Visibly display his or her visitor identification badge at all times he or she is on the premises; and
  • Return the visitor identification badge upon leaving the premises.
Are facilities required to record visitors? Yes. A cultivator, processor or testing laboratory shall maintain a visitor log, which includes the name of the visitor, the date and time of arrival and departure, the assigned registered employee of the facility who accompanies the visitor and the purpose of the visit. The cultivator, processor, or testing laboratory shall make its visitor log available to the department upon request.
Please contact with questions.
Staff Changes
All changes in staff need to be reported to the MMCP compliance team. Please send any changes to

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