Medical Marijuana Control Program
Advertising Reminders
All licensees are required to submit any advertisements - which includes but is not limited to, all business-to-business materials, strain sheets, social media, brochures, websites, and logos - for review and approval by the Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP). Licensees could be subject to enforcement action if advertising materials that have not been submitted for review are utilized.

Be sure to note that images of marijuana leaves and buds are prohibited by Ohio Administrative Code 3796:5-7-01(F)(6)(b).    

For assistance in developing your business’s advertising submissions, please review the   FAQ.  

If you have a website that is public and it has not been submitted for review, please do so immediately.   

Distribution of merchandise is permitted under certain circumstances. However, distributing merchandise at events that could be associated with recreational marijuana is not permitted. Prohibited items include:
  • Clothing, apparel, or wearable accessories
  • Any item that could appeal to children - for example, footballs, yo-yos, Frisbees, etc.
  • Any item that could be associated with recreational use of marijuana
  • Any item that includes prohibited images like marijuana leaves or buds

All proposed advertisements, which includes merchandise, must be submitted to the MMCP for approval.

Social Media:
Generally, the use of social media is permitted but the same restrictions for traditional advertising apply to social media posts.

In the submission, licensees must include a screen shot that the social media account has enabled the restriction of users who are under the age of 18.

The use of social media by your licensed employees may be interpreted as advertising on behalf of the licensee and could therefore be subject to review. Examples of social media activity that could be interpreted as licensee activity:
  • Promoting the company and/or specific products or strains
  • Posting pictures of the facility, products, logos etc.
  • Posting during work hours
  • Encouraging followers to use the licensee’s product or attend licensee events

Advertising and Packaging/Labeling Resources:

Advertising may be submitted vie eLicensing or via email to .
Software Access
It has come to the MMCP’s attention that some licensees have been sharing account credentials with individuals who do not have approved access to the software utilized. This can put proprietary data and security information at risk.

All Metrc and eLicensing users must be registered and use their own credentials. The MMCP will work to ensure the appropriate individuals can have access, but sharing credentials could result in a notice of deficiency.

  • Be sure to request access to eLicensing/Metrc for appropriate staff.
  • Individuals should not share account/password details with other employees.
  • If additional staff need access to eLicensing, please request access by sending an email to
  • If additional staff need access to Metrc, please request access by sending an email to
  • Metrc will require staff to undergo training before access to Metrc is granted.
MMCP Program Updates
Operating Licensees:
  • Level I Cultivators: 9 of 16 provisional licensees
  • Level II Cultivators: 8 of 13 provisional licensees
  • Processors: 2 of 39 provisional licensees
  • Testing Labs: 3 of 5 provisional licensees
  • Dispensaries: 15 of 56 provisional licensees

Sales Totals
The following are program sales totals from Jan. 16, 2019 to April 28, 2019:
  • Total sales: $5.2 million
  • Total volume of plant material sold: 673 lbs.
  • Total units of manufactured product: 2,544
  • Total Receipts: 36,796

The MMCP will update the numbers on a weekly basis at Click here to visit the program update page
Compliance Reminder
Employee Badges:
For a co-owned and co-located cultivator/processor that is adding an existing cultivation employee to a processor license (or vice versa), please be sure to upload a new sworn statement and double check that all documents are still valid (driver’s license, proof of residence, etc.).

For employees requesting a badge who are Canadian citizens, please provide a completed criminal record check from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to the MMCP. Canadian citizens must also undergo an FBI/BCI background check to be in compliance with rules.

When submitting photos to the MMCP for employee badging, please adhere to the following photo requirements:
  1. Face the camera directly with full face in view
  2. Photo must have been taken in the last six months
  3. Background must be plain and neutral in color
  4. Photo must be square and 2" x 2"
  5. Resolution must be no less than 300 DPI
  6. Photo must be .jpg or .png format
  7. Photo must be taken in color (black and white photos will not be permitted)
  8. Do not wear sunglasses, hats, headphones, or other devices

Please direct any questions regarding employee badging to
Rule Review Update
The MMCP submitted a proposed rule package and business impact analysis for review to the Common Sense Initiative on March 8. The MMCP solicited public input on draft changes to O.A.C. 3796 and received four comments total.

The next step in the process is to submit the rule package to the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR), which consists of five State Representatives and five State Senators. JCARR's primary function is to review proposed new, amended, and rescinded rules from over 110 agencies to ensure they do not exceed their rule-making authority. This process can take a few months to allow for public hearings and a thorough review of the proposed rule changes.

Below are the steps in the process:
  1. Draft Rule Language
  2. Business Impact Analysis
  3. MMCP Comment Response
  4. CSI Recommendation
  5. MMCP Response to Recommendation

If you have questions about the rules or the rule review process, please contact Sydney King, Director of Stakeholder Relations, at