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August 1, 2018
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New and Amended Medical Policies

Medical Policy Number
Medical Policy Name Effective Date of Change Description of Changes
Update code J9145 to require pre-authorization.

BI129 Tumor Markers 07/01/18
Removed a diagnosis requirement from payment configuration.
BI133 Hematopoietic Colony
Added code for application only.
BI149 Mechanical Stretching Devices 07/01/18
Updated research citations/references.
Outpatient Therapy for Mental Health & Substance Disorders 07/01/18 90846 - 90847  is covered on a limited basis for select plans only.
BI366 Breast Reconstruction 07/01/18 Added codes S8420 - S8428 for gradient pressure aids (sleeves, gloves, gauntlets). These codes are covered for treatment of lymphedema that resulted as a complications of mastectomy for breast cancer.
BI542 Pulmonary Function Testing 08/01/18
Removed pre-authorization requirements for some PFT's (codes 94726-94729).
Coming Amendments

Medical Policy Number
Medical Policy Name Effective Date of Change Description of Changes
09/01/18 Updated code 64615 - Injection/chemodenervation of muscles innervated by facial/trigeminal/cervical spinal/accessory nerves for chronic migraine.
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
Reinstituted pre-authorization requirement.
Neuropsychological Testing
Usual testing time is four (4) to six (6) hours to perform (including administration, scoring and interpretation). For more than 6 hours of testing, medical necessity is required for the extended testing and should be documented. Extended testing for more than 8 hours is not covered.
Cartilage Transplants
Added clinical criteria and limitations for Autologous chondrocyte implantation (e.g., CarticelĀ®, MACIĀ®). Each MACI implant may be used for repair of multiple defects. Also, updated references.
Allergy Testing
Codes 95024 and 95028 have a maximum combined limit of 40 units per 12 months. Any additional units require pre-authorization. Removed pre-authorization requirements for 95017, 95018 and 95027 (Skin serial endpoint titration (SET) for determination of a safe starting dose for testing or immunotherapy) and that they are covered for a cumulative total of 80 units per calendar year. Some types of allergy testing require evaluation by specialists.
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