Paying too much for prescriptions???

You can take a number and join the crowd.
Me? I'd rather celebrate.

Why stress about your Medicare drug plan?
Make a party out of it!

Think you're the only one unsure if you have the right drug plan?
Think again.

Concerned your plan does NOT cover all your medications?
You're not alone.

Wondering if you need a new prescription drug plan?
You, too?


With over 20 plans to choose from, dozens of insurance companies trying to sell to you, and changes literally every year to the Medicare Plans' coverages,  the prescription drug  program is the most complicated part of Medicare.  

Chances are your friends are in the same boat. Since misery loves company, why not get the gang together and have an RX Angel party? 

Guests will bring their prescription bottles to the event and, using  this revolutionary device, will know which Medicare plan offers  the lowest out-of-pocket costs when it's time to enroll in the  new Medicare drug programs this fall.


 Also included with the party...
     Information on new Medicare plans.
Drug formulary changes.
Answers to your Medicare questions.
Games (Human Bingo)!

What's NOT included...

There's n o guesswork. 
N o salesman! 
No costly mistakes!


To learn more about hosting a party,  call 
The Care Assistance Center today!

Book your party soon. 
Medicare annual enrollment is right around the corner.

Don't get stuck for the entire 2018 year with higher costs!