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For more than 20 years, Dr. Yagoda's mantra has been  "external beauty is a reflection of inner health and wellness." She believes that good g enes are as important as good  lifestyle practices  that incorporate moderate exercise, ample sleep, a balanced diet, minimal stress, and healthy relationships. 

Dr. Yagoda rejects the myth that 'natural' means 'no results.' When meditation, homeopathy, yoga, and/or biofeedback is integrated into a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan for  aesthetic medicine , (or for  ENT , or care of the professional  voice ), Dr. Yagoda finds them to be extremely effective. They can even reduce or sometimes eliminate the need for  medication .

Something as basic as meditation and breath control can have a host of useful applications from controlling  pain to improving vocal performance. 
To that end, Dr. Yagoda practices integrative care, which incorporates mind and body healing to supplement traditional aesthetic techniques that let your inner beauty shine through. She  encourages the use of meditation  in order to increase physical and mental relaxation, to enhance calmness, to improve physiological and psychological  well-being, and to improve overall appearance. 

Research suggests that meditation can help a variety of conditions, such as reducing symptoms of pain both during and after aesthetic procedures. It also lowers blood pressure, and diminishes anxiety, depression and insomnia. 

While there are  many types of meditation, most require the following 4 elements: 
  1. a quiet location; 
  2. a comfortable posture;
  3. a focus of attention (typically through a chosen auditory or tactile sensation - words, breaths, hand positions, etc.); and,
  4. an open attitude. 
Dr. Yagoda warns that meditation is a complementary technique as part of an approach to integrative health care. It should not be used to replace conventional care or as a reason to postpone seeing a physician about a medical problem. 

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