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New Part-time Classes:

*How to Stay Sane Buying or Selling a House 1/26  

*Cancer Prevention/Toxic Awareness 2/9

*Citizens' Guide to Drones 2/11  

*Introduction to the Bible 4/7

*Background to the New Testament 4/9



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Career Tech Talk


What's happening with your New Year's Resolution?

Alicia Jenkins  


"I'm getting married in 9 months. My resolution was to start getting things together and money saved for the wedding. So far it's going as planned!"


Christopher Graves


"My resolution was to better myself in learning new and exciting things and doing things I have wanted to do. So far it's been working well because I started EMT and I hope to continue from there."  


Daniel Saner


"I've started off this year continuing my education and skills by joining EMT school and then will be following it up with firefighter school."



Taylor Montgomery


"I didn't make one because the whole 'New Year, new me' doesn't work. You're still going to be the same person you were the year before. Everyone says 'I'm going to lose weight and get healthier!' Two weeks later they're on the couch watching TV and eating ice cream!"



       Rocklyn Campbell

Valley City

"I don't make a resolution because I never keep them. I make it about 2 months then say 'Forget this'."


Thomas Cronin


"I do not have one; my life was good in 2014."

Andrew Sliwoski
"I started my foundation of my emergency medical career."

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit: MCCC Adult Ed Full-Time Courses

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New Year's Resolutions & Intentions 


Hopefully our resolutions are still intact.

Our exercise equipment, new, or re-discovered has not become our pseudo closet.

Our diets are not "see-food" or starvation.

Our commitment to being that cheerful morning person we want to be has not yet degraded to a nod and a grunt.


Fortunately good intentions usually have good outcomes; the trick it seems is to find that lasting resolution that can pay dividends not only to us, but to others.


Recently I spoke to a lady (I will refer to her as Angel because I think she is one) who not long ago "lost" a son, only to have him given back to her through the miracle of First Aid and CPR. I was truly moved by her story and she asked what I thought about her providing a First Aid and CPR/AED class to her family as a Christmas gift. I told her that I personally thought it was a wonderful gift (at Christmas or anytime) and that the more we are knowledgeable about this sort of training, the better we may be able to handle emergencies, even though our hope is that these situations will not arise.

The point is that with a small investment of time and money almost anyone can become better able to be an emergency first responder for a child, an adult, an infant, or more specifically, a colleague or a loved one. I know many that are reading this now have had these classes, but it is important to stay current and continually keep aware of the best available techniques and technology with regard to these important skills.


We live in an area that is home to some of the finest medical facilities in the world. We enjoy the benefits of emergency rescue personnel who are highly trained and who are often available to us within 15-20 minutes of a call to our enhanced 911 systems. However, wouldn't it be comforting to know that during those 15-20 minutes, or sometimes longer when volunteer situations dictate, we might possibly be able to step in and handle first responder situations a little more effectively?


If you feel that you might like to become more aware of the available classes and techniques that address emergency situations, give us a call at 330-725-8461 and we will be glad to discuss when and where classes can be conducted, sometimes in the comfort of your own home.  

Dan Goodrow, Diversified Industrial Trainer 


 Medical Assisting Students Attend Drug Court


On Monday, September 15, 2014, the Adult Education Medical Assisting Class took a field trip to the Medina County Courthouse to visit Judge Christopher Collier's courtroom. The students observed judicial/arraignment process to reinforce Law & Ethics/Law & Medicine chapters that are covered in the Medical Assisting Program. After court was dismissed for the day, Judge Collier gave students the opportunity to ask questions. Many of the convictions that students witnessed were drug-related. Judge Collier informed students about his drug court program. 

The Medina County Drug Court website states, "The mission of Judge Collier's Drug Court is to stop the abuse of alcohol and other drugs related to the criminal activity. The Drug Court offers a compelling choice for drug and alcohol addicted individuals who are defendants in Judge Collier's courtroom. Here's the choice: participate in treatment or stand convicted. In exchange for successful completion of the one-year treatment program, the court will dismiss the original drug possession charge."


Observing real people facing real consequences was a Medical Assisting lesson that students are not likely to forget.

For more information about MCCC's Medical Assisting class, click here

ACT Prep Course Raises Scores    


Owner/instructor Laura Icardi has run prep courses for the ACT test at MCCC since 2005. With extensive backgrounds in teaching, Laura and her team have been able to raise student achievement on the ACT by as much as 5 points.


No one does a better job at increasing those scores than veteran high school math/reading teacher Don Flegal, who brings 49 years of experience to the MCCC classroom.



"I always start my first ACT class by asking the students why they are trying to improve their test scores. They usually give me the reasons of college admittance, or to get a good job. I then pull three $1,000 bills (not real) out of my wallet and point out that one of the best reasons is to acquire scholarships from $1,000 to perhaps a full tuition. The best part is the look on their faces when I do this, then the question, "Are those real?" I remind them what I do for a living; we all have a chuckle then move on. I love to teach, and I believe in teaching with a lot of energy. However as I use my energy I require my students to replace it with the energy they bring to class every night."     Don Flegal.


Visit ACT Test Prep to register for an upcoming class at MCCC.  


To read more about ACT Prep, click here


Are You Listening?  

Communication skills or the ability to clearly convey your intention and message is extremely important at work. It's not very often that we see a job posting that requires "great listening skills." Nevertheless, being on the receiving end of a conversation means more than simply preparing for when it is your turn to speak. The critical ability to carefully listen to what is spoken and what is conveyed through body language is an important component of communication skills.


Guidelines for better listening:

  • Don't interrupt the speaker until he or she has finished.
  • Focus on what the speaker is saying both verbally and non verbally.
  • Use active listening skills to demonstrate your attentiveness.
  • Be curious and not defensive.
  • Put aside your judgment in order to fully understand.

Take an honest look at your own listening skills to insure your communication skills are complete.


Elaine Reichart, Academic Counselor/Job Placement Coordinator



Meet Our Instructor: Gary Kuebbeler 


For Medina County residents hooked on sun salutations and half-moon poses, MCCC has yoga instructor Gary Kuebbeler on board to gently de-stress and realign your energy patterns. He has taught for MCCC for 35 years and in other locations such as Lorain County Career Center.


Outside of the stretches and bends, Gary has served in a variety of educational arenas as the Marketing & Management instructor/Recruitment Coordinator for Lorain County Career Center, writer and editor for high school marketing textbooks and the Ohio State University, traveled the country sharing his Entrepreneurship Workshop (Be All That You Can Be), and has taught a variety of business workshops in adult education. Throughout these experiences, Gary maintained his part-time yoga classes here in our county.


Gary credits his enjoyment of yoga instruction to his students, often known as Gary's Groupies. "A lot of my students have been with me for a period of time...feels almost like a family.  I have had one person who has taken yoga for 25 years plus. One class threw a wedding shower for me when I was getting married. I have had a couple who met in the class, got married and had a child.  I am responsible for a yoga baby!"


To register for Gary's spring class starting on April 7, visit our Part-Time Classes. 







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