Issue No. 217 | Apr. 22, 2021
Strengthening American capacity for effective engagement
俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
yí zhǐ qì shǐ

Meaning: (lit.) to order people by pointing the chin; arrogant and bossy

Original: "国与国相处,要把平等相待、互尊互信挺在前面,动辄对他国颐指气使、干涉内政不得人心。"

Source: Xi Jinping's keynote speech via video at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference on April 20, 2021:

This week we recommend the short essay "Abandon Mediocre Politics" /《废弃庸人的政治》 by Deng Tuo (邓拓) from 1957. This is a really interesting find by @alexludoboyd.

Though the essay was written over 50 years ago, it is still relevant.

Deng Tuo was Editor in Chief of 人民日报 from 1948-58. He was also an accomplished scholar and critical commentator on political issues. Today Deng Tuo is described as an "anachronistic figure infatuated with traditional culture who viewed himself as a traditional literatus, using propaganda to elevate the people culturally" - Michael McCarthy. This short essay is a good example of Deng Tuo's political commentary, and reveals the tension inherent in the role of intellectuals in Mao's China.
Fellowship Opportunity
The Hertog Foundation is seeking applicants for its new National Security and Sino-American Technology Competition Fellowship. The fellowship duration is Fall 2021 - Winter 2022.

The application deadline is May 10, 2021.

"This new fellowship seeks to educate the next generation of East Asia strategists and national security generalists about how technology will shape U.S.-China strategic rivalry. Just as America’s greatest strategists of the Cold War – from Henry Kissinger to Paul Nitze – were highly knowledgeable about the nuclear revolution and space and missile breakthroughs so, too, do our young strategists need to understand the technologies that matter most in Sino-American competition."
While Xi Jinping's keynote speech at the 2021 Boao Forum was not out of the ordinary, Wang Qishan's short speech proved more interesting.

In it he stated, "I am only emceeing for the Chairman." / "我是临时主持人,只是为习近平主席报幕,这体现了我们中国对主席的高度尊重!"

The video of his speech is 3 min and 30 sec.
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