February, 2022
Meditation at Heritage!
Angelica Fontanez
Director of Social Services
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Margherita Pilato
Senior Program Coordinator 
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Michelle Stillman 
Administrative Assistant
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February Meditation Series
All sessions are no cost and under an hour long

Tuesday, February 1st, 12:30 pm
In-person and Virtual with Maria Vailakis-Wippick

Maria Vailakis-Wippick has experience in Transcendental Meditation and is also trained in and teaches Kripalu yoga. In this meditation session, practitioners will observe the breath. Maria will share the difference between concentration and Insight Meditation. She will also demonstrate walking meditation to develop calm and connectedness while using your feet. She invites beginners and seasoned practitioners to join.

Wednesday, February 16th at 12:00 pm
In-person and Virtual with Deby Goldenberg

Deby Goldenberg is a 3rd degree black belt martial artist and has also practiced yoga for over 30 years. Throughout her teaching, she has seen how beneficial these ancient philosophies have been for herself and others, and how these disciplines can quiet and ground the mind. With her expertise, she will share breathing exercises to help practitioners go within and sample what it “feels like” to go beneath the chatter of the mind. She chose a day with a full moon to slow down, and acquire the radiance of its light.

Wednesday, February 23rd at 12:00 pm
In-person and Virtual with Mary Decker Bottero

Mary Decker Bottero will be our guide in a Mindfulness Meditation practice, also called Insight Meditation. Having completed Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach’s Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, Mary is certified by the Awareness Training Institute in partnership with the University of California at Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. With Insight Meditation, practitioners seek a clearer awareness. As the mind is brought to rest, not wandering, a deep calm pervades body and mind. 

All are welcome – we hope you can join-in,
try something new, or try out something familiar
with a new guide.

As usual, please contact the Heritage Center (203) 938-9725 or email mstillman@townofreddingct.org to save a spot in the room or get a link to practice virtually. Stay tuned for additional meditation sessions in March.
Above all, stay safe, be well!