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Since launching my Certified Mediums Website I've received notes from a number of people who told me that they'd enjoyed a fantastic reading from one of the individuals listed. Right now, I continue to test people and have found several mediums who are exceptional and I expect them to achieve certification. I also intend to continue testing to grow the list with the very best mediums I can find. 

A review of my newest book, Messages from the Afterlife was just published by Freelance Writer, Kathryn Williams.   Read the review

In 2014 I had the pleasure of giving a talk at the FMBR (Foundation for Mind Being Research) in the Bay Area. To my surprise, Parapsychologist Russell Targ and Physicist Bernard Haisch were in attendance. Although I initially felt like I should be the one listening to them, things went well and Dr. Targ even asked some questions.

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