Ernest "EJ" Jones, MPA
"EJ" is a native San Franciscan with a deep love for the city. He works as the RAD* Services Director at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center (BHNC). In this role, he's helping improve the quality of life for over 500 extremely low-income residents at two public housing sites.
EJ's many roles include overseeing housing rehabilitation, providing culturally responsive services, developing leaders, and empowering residents. At one site, he has established a conflict resolution process for residents that reduced violence. He also co-developed a girl's leadership group and a boy's basketball league.
In his spare time, EJ runs The City Eats, a nonprofit organization he founded that distributes meals to homeless individuals. He is a mentor and coach at the Don Fisher Boys and Girls Club, and is a board member at the IT Bookman Community Center.

We'll be celebrating EJ's true visionary, grassroots work at the 2018 SF Peacemaker Awards.
(*Rental Assistance Demonstration)
Leslie Mendez
Leslie, a senior at Mission High School and resident in Bayview-Hunters Point, began her peacemaking work as an 8th grade peer mediator at Horace Mann Middle School. Since then, she has mediated more than 50 cases.
She has helped resolve conflicts concerning a wide range of issues, including miscommunications, gossiping, bullying, teacher and student disputes, and name calling.
Leslie is proud of her ability to help her peers feel comfortable and safe in their mediations. She shares, "What I offer is a way for students to feel understood. If they get sent to the Dean of Students, they feel punished. But, if they come to mediation, they feel heard and supported. It feels nice to know that I can help my peers feel that."
Leslie will be the first in her family to attend college, enrolling at City College of San Francisco in the fall. Her dream is to be a veterinarian.

We'll be celebrating Leslie and her impact at the 2018 SF Peacemaker Awards
For over 25 years Sunset Youth Services continues to change the lives of youth, young adults, and their families in the Sunset District and across SF.

Sunset Youth Services was founded by Dawn Stuekle, Ron Stuekle, and Delvin Mack to provide opportunities for neighborhood youth to prepare them to achieve their highest potential during their teenage years leading into adulthood. Their vision: Help kids find a new path and stay in the community and succeed.

To achieve this, they created five innovative programs. Combined with their staff's passion and dedication, Sunset Youth Services is a true innovator, enriching the lives of SF youth and preparing them to lead healthy, productive, and rewarding lives. 

We'll be celebrating their many successes at the 2018 SF Peacemaker Awards.
Darlene Weide, Executive Director
(415) 920-3820 x105 - [email protected]