Meet Jamie Staton's Virtual Running Team: Mile 6

Avery Perry & Joe Nudd
Name: Avery Perry
Age: 16
Hometown: Goffstown
Local Program: Team Uncanoonuc
Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Bowling & Soccer

This is Avery Perry’s second year participating in Special Olympics. Avery got started when someone she knew sent her an invitation to join a bowling team and she took advantage of that opportunity right away. When asked what her favorite thing is about Special Olympics, she responded, “seeing her friends.” Since joining Special Olympics last year she has enjoyed creating and cultivating a lot of new friendships and looks forward to meeting many more people in the future.

So far, Avery has enjoyed competing in bowling, basketball, athletics, and soccer. But her favorite sport by far is athletics, more specifically, the javelin throw. Avery has really enjoyed throwing the javelin because she thinks it is “really cool.” In addition, Avery loves to run and especially loves to run fast. She believes that running has helped her to get stronger and she hopes to get even stronger in the future, so she can become an even better athlete.

Avery also has a lot of favorite moments that has happened with the Special Olympics. She remembers having a blast at the 2017 State Summer Games. She loved getting the chance to stay overnight at the University of New Hampshire and she explained that she, “got to walk in the Opening Ceremonies” and that she, “really liked that.” Avery has really enjoyed her time with Special Olympics and is looking forward to future Special Olympics events. 
Name: Joe Nudd
Age: 17
Hometown: Newmarket
Local Program: Newmarket Stars
Sports: Athletics

Joe Nudd is a very positive and social individual. He prides himself on rooting for everyone and good sportsmanship. Joe has been involved with Special Olympics New Hampshire for nearly a decade and participates in athletics. The events he competes in are the 50 meter run, 100 meter run, softball throw, and standing long jump. His favorite event though is the 100 meter run because he “really enjoys running.”

Before Special Olympics, Joe did not participate in any sports and he and his family believe that the organization has provided a number of great opportunities for Joe to get started with sports. Joe’s participation with Special Olympics has also become a family event. Joe's entire family believes that “Special Olympics is wonderful” and “they plan and look forward to the events every year.”

Special Olympics has played a very positive role in Joe's life. Through Special Olympics Joe believes he has made a lot of friends and looks forward to meeting even more people in the years to come.