Avi Nesher Online Film Festival
You are invited to an exclusive Zoom Q&A with Avi Nesher to discuss his extraordinary film career, moderated by his daughter Tom Nesher.

Tuesday, April 28th,
2 pm Eastern Time

To celebrate Israel's Independence day (April 29th) IsraeliFilms, together with leading film distributors, are proud to present the exclusive Avi Nesher Online Film Festival.

Eight curated and acclaimed films from Avi Nesher's impressive film career, are offered at a special 50% discount, with the promo code:

Click on the films below, the code is already embedded, and enjoy the
Avi Nesher film fest, at 50% off from April 23rd to May 7th
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* Some of the films are offered through third party distributors who are directly responsible for any customer service issue. Please check each film's link for details.