Meet George Bael!
George Bael, a rising senior at Bethlehem University, has been interning this summer in Illinois; he interned first with Frese Ornamental Nursery in Quincy and then with Villa Maria Retreat Center in Springfield. His major is Business Administration with a minor in Marketing.
A bi-national Filipino/Palestinian, George is an aspiring entrepreneur who tries to see as much as he can of the world, so he can educate himself on the diversity of people. He enjoys interacting with everyone he meets, taking in their perspectives and outlooks on life, and looking for ways that he can help them achieve their goals. He likes to spend his free time in pursuit of learning, spending much of it reading or watching documentaries on geography, history, or philosophy. He speaks five languages and loves to travel. He is grateful for the opportunity for travel that this internship had to offer, and he was able to see several cities in the United States.
George spent the first part of this summer interning with Frese Ornamental Nursery in Quincy, Illinois and is finishing off the summer interning at the Villa Maria Retreat Center in Springfield, Illinois. At his internships he has been working in a variety of roles including assisting with marketing, project management, accounting, sales, and practical field work. He sees these experiences as an opportunity to become more familiar with businesses and institutions, and he hopes to use this knowledge to assist him with his goal of eventually establishing his own business in Palestine.
He has experienced a lot of personal growth at Bethlehem University which, "has been a life-changing experience that has not only provided me with quality education but has, over and over, opened a lot of opportunities for me." Upon graduating, George hopes to work abroad, gaining life and work experience, and then pursue a master's degree before building his own business in Palestine.
´╗┐As part of the Student Ambassadors program at Bethlehem University, George and four other students have been interning in the United States this summer. On Bethlehem University's campus, the Ambassadors guide tours for visiting groups and help tell the story of the University to the international community. The Ambassadors are also eligible for internship programs thanks to the generosity of the Sir John McGuckin Mentoring and Internship Program of the Northwestern Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.
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