Meet Leen Hadweh!
Leen Hadweh, a rising senior at Bethlehem University, has been interning this summer at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Her major is Business Administration with a minor in Marketing.
Leen has loved her first three years at Bethlehem University, and is looking forward to starting her final year in a matter of weeks. Reflecting about her experience at the University, she says; "Bethlehem University has helped me to grow as a person, helping me to find what drives me and the University has enabled me to reach the goals I set for myself. I have always been a passionate and determined person, and that has definitely helped me during my time at the University." Upon graduating, her goal is to eventually run her own business, creating something truly unique in Palestine.
Leen is an accomplished student at the University, having attained the Dean's List and Honor List several semesters. She is a regular volunteer, helping at the Beit Jala Public Library for the Bethlehem University Community Service Spring Course, and assisted for five years as a Youth Camp Leader at Beit Al Liqaa Summer Camp. She is also a private tutor.

As a Greek Orthodox Christian, she sees her experience at Bethlehem University as a blessing; "Even though the University is composed of a student population which is 75% Muslim and 25% Christian, there is no religious barrier on campus. People accept each other and respect the regional and religious differences that they encounter in one another. I have met a more diverse group of people at Bethlehem University than I ever have in my life, and that alone has opened my eyes to may things."
At the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University, Leen has been assisting with data-migration and organization, providing Arabic-English translation, and other assorted projects. She sees this internship in Washington, DC, as a chance to hone her skills and gain experience.

She wants to thank Bethlehem University's many supporters; "I would like to say thank you for believing in the education that Bethlehem University provides. We students hope for the things that all people expect: education, respect and an unrestricted life. By supporting us, you have shown that you care about giving us those things and so much more."
As part of the Student Ambassadors program at Bethlehem University, Leen and four other students have been interning in the United States this summer. On Bethlehem University's campus, the Ambassadors guide tours for visiting groups and help tell the story of the University to the international community. The Ambassadors are also eligible for internship programs thanks to the generosity of the Sir John McGuckin Mentoring and Internship Program of the Northwestern Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.
Reception with the Bethlehem University student interns:
Join the Foundation at a cocktail reception and listening session, celebrating the Bethlehem University student interns as they finish their time in Washington, DC, at the Darlington House on the 31st of July. Click here to learn more and to R.S.V.P.
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