November 2018 Edition
Bill, Tell us a little about what you do at Delta Pure? 

My current role as Quality Manager involves leading and growing our Quality Manufacturing Processes and ISO 9001 certification.  I also strive to apply Lean Manufacturing Principles in an effort to streamline and improve our workflow production.

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College student needed for internship with Delta Pure Filtration 

Do you know a college student looking to build resume experience? Delta Pure Filtration is looking for a part-time, energetic, and responsible intern to help with the buildout of an online web store.

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HC Series: High Capacity Wound Filter Cartridges
Delta Pure HC "high capacity" series string wound filter cartridges provide excellent filtration for fluids with a wide particle size distribution. The HC series filters are wound with two zones in order to provide longer filter life with challenging fluids. A more open pre-filtration section serves to protect the downstream section and remove larger particles, while a tighter final filter section provides removal of smaller particulates. The rating of each zone is specified in order to provide a filter uniquely tailored to process requirements.

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Clean Water Act Dramatically Cut Pollution in US Waterways
Americans are worried about clean water. In Gallup polls, water pollution is consistently ranked as Americans' top environmental concern - higher than air pollution and climate change.
Since its inception, the Clean Water Act has imposed environmental regulations on individuals and industries that dump waste into waterways, and has led to $650 billion in expenditure due to grants the federal government provided municipalities to build sewage treatment plants or improve upon existing facilities.

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Our very own Todd Furbee recently had the opportunity to meet with Governor Northam at the Governor's Mansion for VA Conference on World Trade!
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GAC Series Water Filter
Proud to be celebrating over 30 years in the liquid filtration business!

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