Meet CEHD's Interim Dean

Dr. Carol Vukelich  began her term as interim dean of UD's College of Education and Human development on July 1, 2015. Prior to this, she served as deputy dean for the college, under Dean Lynn Okagaki.

We sat down with Dr. Vukelich and asked her what she hopes to accomplish  during her term and how her extensive experience with Delaware's education system will help advance our college and improve student outcomes. See our question and answer section below.

"My top initiative is to support the College's achievement of excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, and service. Our faculty and alumni are leaders in the fields of education, disabilities, family issues and healthcare services. We want to share their expertise with our students and the global community."
- Carol Vukelich, Interim Dean

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Q&A With Dr. Vukelich
Passion, Initiatives, and Plans

Q. What is your first initiative for the College?

A. UD has recently updated its strategic plan. I served on one of the working groups, meeting with stakeholders to learn about their concerns and ambitions for us. This was an enormously beneficial exercise, motivating me to update our College's strategic plan. Based on UD's key pillars, I hope to further encourage our mission through Inclusion, Exploration, Innovation, and Collaboration.
Q. What education experiences have you had that shaped your vision?

A. I've been a teacher, program coordinator for UD's M.I. degree, director of the Delaware Center for Teacher Education and president of the Association for Childhood Education International. Through these roles, I have worked with teachers, administrators, legislators, parents, and most importantly students. I realize that we all need to cooperate and collaborate to create a strong learning environment for our children.

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