My name is Faniel Emile
"I live in the second communal section of Anse d'Hainault. I have been a member of the APCDAH association for over 2 years. I have been selling coffee through Just Haiti. I remember the first time I sent them coffee. I only sent 10 lbs. The amount increased every year after that.
When I first joined the association in 2017, I received 600 coffee trees which I planted (in my field). I was successful with more than 300 of them. This year, they were mature enough to be harvested. To me, that was a very good project.
After participating in some Just Haiti workshops, I decided to create my own coffee nursery. This is the second year I have built my own nursery on my property. The first year, I had 1,000 trees. This year, I have 2,000. I used about 500 coffee plants for myself. I sold the rest or gave them to others in my community.
My greatest concern is that, for over a year, the (additional) profit from the sale of the coffee has been quite small. In the past, I used part of this profit to finance the activities for the nurseries such as buying small bags for the plants, seed, tools. While all activities in our fields rely on rain water, it has not rained in 6 months. This is putting me in a difficult situation in term of food security, on top of other problems in the country like general strike, insecurity, Covid-19, etc.
I would like to produce 5,000 coffee trees every year in my nursery, but I do not have the means. If Just Haiti and its partners could find some way to help me finance the purchase of small bags, seeds, and some other expenses, that would help me a lot. I have met Kittie and Kim on their many trips to Anse d'Hainault. They know how well kept my coffee fields used to be.
Thank you to Just Haiti and all its partners."
Sales determine Faniel Emile's additional profit, 
the more coffee sold, 
the higher his additional profits! 
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